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  1. Yeah okay thats great and all, but can we actually address the copious amounts of unhealthy RNG, and thus toxic trading community made by rivens RNG? It wouldnt be so bad if rivens were not just constantly shoved at us with sorties and gifts of the lotus, on top of adding the wholly uneeded arch gun rivens. As stated by so many before me, the way we roll rivens needs to be changed to allow locking of stats. Example: You still need to roll it for 900-3500 kuva per cycle. The first stat to lock lets say is, 10k kuva, that's a hefty chunk but reasonable. second stat you lock is now 20k kuva, third stat lock 30k kuva, and finally the negative lock 40k. Now you may be saying, "gee billy that's a a lot of kuva". And you are correct.....except for the fact people have spent literal millions of kuva on singular rivens to amount to literally nothing remotely close to desired stats, OR dissuades the ability to ACTUALLY MAKE A SPECIFIC RIVEN FOR A VERY SPECIFIC FUN AND NICHE USE. It's not end game, it is literally a giant scratch off ticket system, in which the lucky get rich, or they get taken advantage of by the toxic community that is riven trading. Why is it I need to spend 1-5k PLATINUM if i want best in slot riven for X relevant weapon, because the gods shined upon some random guy who rolled it twice? Rather, why is it, i know people who have used said 1 MILLION plus kuva on rolling, to amount to nothing but a dead, and hopeless grind, that just burns people out? I won't accept the argument, "well if you dont like X dont do X", no, i think rivens for their original purpose are very interesting and cool, especially considering we are going to actually get relevant balance to them every 3 months. But if they (DE) are going to keep making more, and giving them away, and adding them to the loot pool, I will not just ignore it.
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