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  1. Think you could drastically increase the strength of the so called "tether" you supposedly added to her 3? As of right now it's just not there, enemies still get launched into ceilings by allies thinking you used your 1 on them. Maybe make it more visually different from her 1 as well to at least prevent launching.
  2. Maybe rather than have Wolf continue to appear anywhere at random (not even linked to a mark like the other assassins) maybe just keep his current boss nodes above Saturn and have him appear at random JUST on Saturn. Basically make him like Ambulas, who appears anywhere on Pluto randomly but also has a node where you can fight a stronger version of them.
  3. One big and important question I've yet to see asked or answered is where can we access this stuff once it's released?
  4. Any word on hearing a moa pet idling in your ship despite not owning one? It's something that's kinda bothered me a bit since fortuna release.
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