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  1. that's what you call a fix. I'm just asking for a band aid like all the other thousand band aids in this game. Nothing special
  2. it's 2021 and the area control bounty is still terrible not because it's challenging but because it's extremely difficult to keep the % stable (or even complete the bounty) without an AI shooter (mesa, protea) or a nuke Warframe just half the required area, minimal effort...
  3. ah, that makes more sense for DE's case but why go through the hassle to create such concept and release it live in game just to restrict it. They could've made her lose shields faster when standing exactly in the same spot or build an overheating bar but nah, they gotta do it in such terrible fashion
  4. We literally have a warframe that can block an infinite number of enemies and makes all allies inside his bubble radius invincible to everything inside and outside but i guess he's moderately popular. I know I'm using whataboutism here but Hildryn deserves some love man :(
  5. I know the energy economy sucks but this is the first time someone tells me DE doesn't want ppl staying in channeled mode forever. I mean we have exalted weapons that can stay forever on such as baruuk & excalibur but okay DE??? (don't you dare touch my pixie D: )
  6. (ranting) First they make Hildryn, they give her an ultimate ability that is badass asf, but you can't use her strongest ability in flight mode. Oh by the way, you, the player, discovered the obvious synergy between Aegis storm and rebuild shields?? Well now you can't cast helminth abilities while in Aegis storm, we can't have that in here duh I understand Hildryn would be a lot stronger if they remove her shackles but in a game where most frames are gods in their own style why do you hinder this warframe with awful restriction design Why can't this niche frame just have s
  7. First of all, thanks to whoever worked on or helped with creating Lavos. gorgeous, strong and niche 9/10 I'm gonna use Orphidian bite & Catalyze (Lavos' 1st & 4th ability) since they proc elements exactly the same and are the most simple. If you don't imbue anything, the ability procs one dot of the original element. (toxin for the bite, heat for the ultimate) If you imbue the same original element, you proc 2 dots (be it toxin to Orphidian bite or heat to Catalyze). If you imbue an additional base element such as heat or toxin or electricity or mixed such as gas,
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