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  1. ...25 Vitus. For an Archgun Riven. I get that Archguns are more of a Thing now thanks to Profit-Taker, but that feels excessive. Also, further explanation of what exactly Aura Forma is would be appreciated.
  2. Please fix the Wolf Salute and Wolf Howl emotes not playing the full animations.
  3. The Wolf Howl and Wolf Salute emotes still don't play the full animation, they get stuck.
  4. The use of "their" makes me wonder if this means Ticker's pronouns are they/them. I've been hoping for a hard confirmation regarding their gender identity, since it never quite comes up (besides Ticker referring to themselves as "she").
  5. Please undo the thing about Warframe abilities like Ivara's sleep arrow only ever being a Good capture. The Tranq rifle just isn't viable considering its small clip, reload time, and the fact that it's not silenced.
  6. When're y'all gonna fix the fact that Helios/Helios Prime won't scan during solo missions? Cuz that bug's real annoying.
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