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  1. I logged into warframe tonight to start nightwave. I looked at the missions and had to restart my ps4. When I logged back in 5min later, most of my missions were set to complete. I did not do any of these missions. Also the standing for these “completed” missions was not given. So I am only left with 3 missions to do and lost all possible standing to get to rank 30 this week. Please help ASAP! Picture attached. Missions available are complete 5 steel path, complete 8 zone of sanctuary onslaught, kill 100 enemies with a Mech. All the rest are unavailable.... Also, when I look at the app i
  2. When I send an in-game invite to a person in my clan (who is also a PS friend) it sends a notification to their PS and nothing happens in the game. It is pretty consistent however it also happens when clan mates invite me. I have had the same issue with randoms, but not as frequent. My workaround is to join there session in the clan window. Can’t do this with people outside the clan. DE Help!
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