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  1. I guess but then again projectile speed on the supra makes it hit more shots more dps it hits faster therefore unbalanced I don't understand the mindset of some people its range how can people just say no its unbalanced or it increases dps when literally with brammas ammo max of 5 I could say bow ammo mutation gives you more ammo so it lets you shoot more often so its more dps with the bramma clearly exilus mods should make a weapon better regardless
  2. Is there a reason why the sinister reach mod is not an exilus mod it makes no sense why sinister reach isn't as it only adds 12+ range it might affect the weapon slightly but its definitely not damage and doesn't affect visible stats it only affects the projectiles range and there is other mods in the exilus category that effect a weapon to an even greater degree like terminal velocity with +60 projectile speed which in my opinion affects a weapon more than range. sinister reach would also be a good addition to the lineup of exilus mods for primarily weapons with a limited range like the ignis or ignis wraith/ I would appreciate a response from anyone with any ideas of why the mods like this and if it could ever change this could also be applied to several other mods to like fire storm just a suggestion though
  3. Thats what i was thinking i just dont know if therea a certain time period to claim my prize ot something like that
  4. Ive been waiting for my titania prime access for almost 6 days can some one tell me if theres anyone else i can talk to i messaged de bear like the forumn said with no luck im not mad just wondering
  5. when do I get my prime access im spookysociety06 I mean obviously
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