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  1. Looking forward to trying this out, I enjoy going back to the earlier tilesets with the difficulty cranked from lich encounters so this will be a welcome mode. Really hoping we get Teshin as our handler for these missions, for how important of a character he is he really needs more screen time
  2. Synapse is a monster of a weapon, I approve of this notion
  3. if you're referring to the maggots, it's from a Helminth Charger using the Strain set, it's the mechanic the set mods interact with edit: oh wait a minute they're rocking the wisp buffs, nice
  4. the way it works mechanically you need to have the energy to cast it, and you get the energy refunded on cast A little funky, yeah, but that's how it's been implemented
  5. Been testing out Rumbled for Atlas in the Simulacrum and noticed that you can perform finishers via impact procs opening them up Finish them, you pull your primary weapon out and can fire freely, but you're also throwing rocks every time you click as you're still in Rumbler form funky bug, entertaining, but definitely not intended
  6. Oh man this is going to be fun ❤️ Passive: Can equip a second loadout (Primary, Secondary, and Melee weapon) Rolling with the idea of the warframe being of many parts to create the whole, their kit revolves around this theme 1: Reconfigure - Cycle between loadouts, regenerating % ammo per second for the unequipped weapons. The existing loadout is pulled into the body of the frame by the vines, and the new weapons are pulled out after. The ammo regeneration acts as an incentive to cycle loadouts frequently, and enables for more gimmicky builds. 2: Cannibalize - Sacrifice Health equal to the missing ammo in your equipped weapon to refill the magazine (one handed action) Visually you see energy pump through the connective vines. This skill is designed to interact with Remnant as a risk/reward ability 3: Chimeric Lash - All damage is converted to a single damage type, cycling between damage types on each hit with increased status chance. A bit chaotic in nature but will compliment Condition Overload nicely, and should fit the theme well 4: Remnant - Deploy a stationary turret using a weapon from your unequipped loadout (based on what weapon you are holding). The turret will fire at your reticle when you fire. Maximum of 3 turrets (# Scales with mods) Visually the weapons are held up by the same vines that connect the warframe's pieces. This ability is where the real fun comes in, opening up huge build synergies and incentivizing cycling loadouts with Reconfigure.
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