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  1. Just poked into my profile to check the new icon for mastery and when I hit my grandmaster icon, it looped several times before stopping instead of the usual one time Literally dozens of us could be experiencing this bug! XD edit: My mouse might be dying or something to that effect, couldn't repro it, but Lotus will repeat the voice line multiple times if you click the icon multiple times
  2. Got a...unique situational bug that completely locks my frame in place unable to do anything but ADS TYPE: In-game, Fishing DESCRIPTION: Throwing my fishing spear and hitting one of my Helminth Charger's maggots spawned via the Strain set REPRODUCTION: I hit them as they jump off the helminth charger I believe EXPECTED RESULT: should still be able to take actions OBSERVED RESULT: Unable to take any actions, switch weapons, etc. except ADS with my fishing spear. REPRODUCTION RATE: Seems to be 100% repro rate
  3. Personally I want to try Gara Spectrorage with augment, it generates so much energy via orbs if you place it right, meaning more spear+chakram combos if you want to go that route. Other than that, you can always use fun stuff like Equinox's Rage with augment for the spread, or War Cry to work in conjunction with the stagger with the halo
  4. I did a quick video on this subject earlier today, and after thinking about it I want to start a little discussion on this here on the forums. Why aren't players playing content purely for the fun of it? The bulk of the playerbase seems to only play for the reward, and not the path to the reward, or just for the entertainment/absurdity of what they're doing.
  5. The hidden function of the Quanta actually comes from the secondary fire, you can shoot through the orbs (if you're host only, kinda bugged atm for clients) and you get a huge crit chance boost and a sizeable bonus to crit damage, as well as 50% radiation damage added to your shot.
  6. I use them in Arsenal, my build and mechanics discussion show, although I'm going to be using it for one-offs and skits pretty soon once I get a few scripts written up. (What I have planned right now involves the player ship, so once that drops the fun begins)
  7. Did a fun little vlog about how I do my Grineer voices on Arsenal tonight, as well as doing a fun demonstration and walking everyone through the process. If you don't know who Scorch the Scorch is, here's a video I voiced him in: ps: Is this in the right subforum? Wasn't sure which one this fits in ^^;
  8. honestly I have no issue with it, I guess my time with the grakata has me used to hip firing. It just bugs me that I'm locked out of essentially an extra 75% damage output due to a bug if I'm not host. Also my god I need to see a Soma fired through the orb.
  9. ^title this pretty much breaks the mutalisk's ability to do big damage late game and renders Volt's electric shield pointless unless they're the host.
  10. My main draw to the attack speed is the sheer number of procs that go off honestly, with gas AoE DoTs and all of the stuns from lightning and impact, I can kinda "Fight and Forget" through a crowd of level 100 enemies, come out the other side with a 50 hit combo and a number fountain behind me on the surviving enemies, all of which are stunned is some fashion. So ultimately I'm kinda seeing the utility of the procs in the late game as opposed to the up front damage that speeds you through everything before things get crazy. It's a preference thing, for sure, but damn do I love seeing a nu
  11. Well volt's speed doesn't stack on each other as far as I'm aware, it uses one or the other (not sure if it's the first one cast, or the stronger of the two). What you might have encountered was either a limitation of input due to the animations being too fast, or your framerate could've been holding it back. (which is an issue with burst fire weapons) I used to derp around with this build with volt+valkyr, it didn't seem like there was any upper limit to the attack speed although I did reach a point where my macro was too slow and I had to speed it up (now it's 50 clicks/sec heheh)
  12. That's what I do! *looks over at the Tigris, Hind, and Drakgoon, all waiting to get their videos completed ;)* As far as I'm aware there isn't any kind of speed cap to melee, I can slap quickening on here and see it go even faster. The only limitation is how fast you can input your combos (or the speed of your macro, which is what I use for this build because $80 mouse, I do not want to break my LMB clicking that often)
  13. This really depends on the element you're running, blast and gas do an AoE that deals 50% of the damage dealt from the bullet, so striking a balance between your chance and damage can really turn up the numbers. Also viral is viral, a decent chance means much less life to tear up. Corrosive is an interesting one though, it takes 3 stacks of corrosion to negate enemy armor fully, so there's a bit of a debate there: Do I run heavy chance for armor stripping, or do I run raw damage and try to power through? edit: also sometimes you want heavy CC built into your weapon instead of raw damag
  14. So now that I have the Bo Prime, I sat down and improved on the build, had some fun with it :) Also if your prime weapons start talking to you, be scared, be very scared.
  15. Cordyceps is some scary stuff, as someone mentioned above, a human strain of it is the concept behind the "zombies" of The Last of Us. Pretty fascinating stuff if you look into it, with a little touch of nightmare fuel to boot.
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