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  1. I understand that cosmetic/decoration items are on rotation. The issue is that anything new, at least from my perspective, has been available ON the day its been released. It was not. Ive been checking this happy mask shop EVERYDAY so far...nothing, The only items ive seen rotate have been the last 2 items. The Thumper floofs have so far been stapled in her inventory. I understand there is alot of stuff you guys are working on, but telling us to wait on rotation when it hasnt even been released is nonense. She doesnt have a crazy range of items to rotate through. Then to give an update on clipping effects with the masks is strange to me, because i have yet to see ANY tennos with it.
  2. Despite it being part of a rotation, everything new they add is usually available on the day its released. It was not.....The rotations dont fully change out since the thumpers are ALWAYS there, so just having the 2 items rotate is a waste of inventory space for nakak. I doubt it will be updated anytime soon cuz theres no real money coming from them....Despite being a contest winning product, which in my opinion quite disrespectful to the winners who put their work into them.
  3. Anyone else dread getting this new map? I liked it at first, like a new thing to explore, Then i found its too large, and the lighting to be too dark, I can run enemy radar and such, but its still very difficult to see the mobs. Then the mobs that have higher mobility like the roller bladers, and drones, theyre ALL over the place...Anyone else encountering these problems? Just me?
  4. But the rotation for those weapons were a larger list than the list on Nakaks mask shop. Usually also i feel new items like this are always available on the day their released. Not in this case, Shes definitely bugged...
  5. Nice, thanks for fixing that....now when might Nakakakak be selling these? Been visiting her happy mask shop everyday now...
  6. Like how they literally just updated so the masks done clip with things, but noones gotten them....
  7. Anyone else still waiting on Nakak to start selling this? is it just me? I feel when they release this stuff they always have em out on the market to have available. However this time around, they werent available. Ive been goin back every day since the update. Havent had even seen the norg mask yet 😞 Now been 2 weeks, been checking EVERYDAY....gonna just call it bugged at this point
  8. Host migration during Index missions leads to frozen loading screen. Warframes are standing there as you hear npc saying, "The Index is up!" then youre stuck there. NPC and enemies still able to shoot youre frozen warframe there. Stuck there watching them kill you..... https://imgur.com/YoQAfNZ
  9. Anyone else noticing some tenno have these 3 tendrils on the back of the Emissary hood? Ive tried to mimic it, but havent gotten any results. Is it strictly for open hooded female types? Im at quite a loss here
  10. Anyone else having issues with the races? Ive reset dozens of times, entering SOLO and as a GROUP, from Fortuna and our orbiters. Either the race kid disappears if we summon boards before talking to him, or he chats and then we cant summon our k boards before disappearing AGAIN.......its becoming very frustrating..... Overall i dont care if this bug stays, i just want reassurance that i can still complete nightwave for that final reward. If i miss out on this because of some silly bug regarding an aspect of warframe that a small percentage of people use, then im incredibly disappointed......
  11. I had an issue where the kid kept disappearing as i finished loading in. When he didnt pull this magic trick, he would make sure i couldnt even summoning my K-board. Using the launcher would start the reset timer to summon another, but would get stuck at 0. leaving me without a k-board. Seeing this the kid would then just disappear again..........Only times i can use a k-board is when im just fapping about....
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