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  1. All good! I'm extremely excited for Revenant, and I implore you to take your time with him. If a Friday release is what will happen, so be it! I'll be enjoying the update either way. Thanks for the news.
  2. I'm curious, but don't tell me! Hype is a good thing.
  3. Alright, DE. I quite liked Khora even before these changes, so I was rather nervous to see what happened. However, you did a really nice job. Great work! Thank you for all of the changes and fixes tonight! :)
  4. Not sure that I like this, but we'll see what happens as all of it is subject to change. However, I'd prefer to just cast and remove the duration, or keep it duration based and remove Venari's health. If not, Venari dies, Venari dies. Recast for energy - maybe with a small cooldown; similar to what happens in Onslaught. Otherwise, I'm happy with these planned changes so far! I already love Khora as she is, so this is all great to see. *Even after clarifying that Venari will likely be able to be revived, I still don't like the idea of having Venari basically just be another kavat in the revive department.
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