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  1. After the update, anything with a "shiny" surface is super bright. As an example, I logged in with morage prime, and all the reflective parts on her were super shiny, and other parts were just really reflective. Gauss looks amazing, but I cant tell what some of his colors look like because hes so shiny.
  2. When can we expect to see n the new wall running animations that was mentioned awhile back? Also, could it be possible for every frame to get a unique dodge animation, like hildryn and limbo have? Thank you DE, love you guys.
  3. Will cross save ever become a possibility. I have a pc that i rarely use because i dont have any games on it, and i would love to play warframe on it. The problem is, i cant start from scratch again, not after all the hours, and money ive put into the xbox version. The pc version of warframe gets content so much quicker, loads faster, and it looks so much better. I hope you can answer my question rebecca and the couch men. Love you people.
  4. What ever happened to the two handed katana? Is it being saved for Meele 3.0, or did get lost to the void (development hell)?
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