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  1. I tried boosting my Catchmoon range with Zephyr's Jet Stream and +60% Projectile Flight Speed. Well it made it a sniper gun BUT it now has issues hitting enemies right next to you as in miss and/or no damage. As in it will splash in their face and do nothing. Makes me have to back off before hitting anything...
  2. DE PLS pay some attention to the 4th & 5th pictures. These have been around for a long while. https://imgur.com/a/2mDqiBN
  3. Host migration issues in arbitrations so bad rn
  4. What about melee 3.0? Will we be forced to take a break from warframe or not?
  5. Everything looks alright but can Nezha's Firewalker speed buff scale PLZ. Need MOAR Speed!
  6. What if channeling increased attack speed and range while keeping the energy drain per second. I know I would use it then.
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