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  1. Thank you to all for the suggestions. I will try them out this weekend. In answer to the question about other games, doom and duke nukem were no problem, Quake depended upon the scenario. I never played the rest. I am more of the hack and slash, sword and sandal type. Warframe is the closest that I have found to my fav sci-fi authors books. Heinlein, Asimov, Doc Smith. DE could you develop a game based on the Lensman series by Doc Smith? Please, please, please.
  2. I did a search and found some comments relating to the speed at which Gauss moves but I don't have Gauss. The last few times that I have logged into Warframe I have ended up with Motion sickness and needed to quit the game. It began with Archwing missions to obtain the parts for the recent RazorBack Armada event/challenge. Flying through the tunnels time after time so that I could build three keys did me in. SInce then even running around the Orb Vallis has laid me low. So, has DE improved the scrolling or video resolution or something else that now is inducing these effects in me? My hardware has not changed at all so I am able to rule that out as a direct cause. I will note however, that my nVidia drivers were updated a month or so back. Could this be a cause this effect? Which video settings should I mess with to try and prevent this effect? Do others also experience these effects?
  3. G'day Team, i had a host migration bug on Saturday Night. I am not sure if it is a new bug or if it was previously reported. I joined a squad to enter POE and before the mission loaded we had a host migration. I was left at the exit point to the plains, the rest of the squad was disbanded and I was stuck there unable to do anything until I forced an exit back to my orbiter.
  4. Sorry Mate, Devilgate Drive, Do you wanna touch me, The Wild One. Thanks
  5. For Suzi Quatro could you try Daytona Demon, Devilgate Drive, 48 Crash, The Wild One, Can the Can, Wake up little Suzi (Yes that was an Everly Brothers original). For Joan Jett could you try Bad reputation, Do You Wanna Touch Me (a Gary Glitter cover), I hate myself for loving you, Cherry Bomb, Crimson and Clover. One or two of those might work. Thanks
  6. All that and no Suzi Quatro or Joan Jett?? 😁 Seriously, that is a stirling effort. BZ
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