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  1. My bad for not explaining myself clearly first time. In my inbox within the game was a message to collect Ember and another item from twitch. When I clicked on the link to collect it took me to a twitch login screen. No matter what I entered as my user name and password the page always stated that it was incorrect. I tried my twitch login details, then my warframe login details, then I went to twitch from a separate browser and using the same failed twitch credentials was able to login. I was hoping that someone else had solved this problem and could give me some guidance. Now the offer has ended so I guess I missed out.
  2. As an Aussie I want to thank DE and the Warframe community for this generous action of contributing to those that are affected by the bushfires this summer. Thank you one and all.
  3. Not sure if this is the right part of the forum but here goes. I can access Twitch if I login from my browser and everything works as normal. When I try to login from in the game I constantly get the incorrect user or password error. Any one else have this problem? What was the fix? I have tried resetting my password, login in to twitch from my browser while the game is running but I cannot get into twitch when in game. Any suggestions?
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