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  1. I already posted a comment on the forum about how warframes just disappear after dying in or redeploying a necramech, but I discovered a bug that pertains to Umbra specifically. Swapping directly from umbra to necramech works fine. Switching directly to necramech and then leaving as operator to enter umbra is also fine. Switching from operator to necramech allows umbra to move around, but this causes the bug to occur. Switching directly from necramech to umbra after letting him move breaks everything. Can’t transfer out of umbra, umbra stands around as if he’s still sentient, and it’s impossi
  2. I also had this bug occur a few minutes ago. Instead of my mech dying, it was triggered by deploying mech while my mech was still alive.
  3. Anything about necramechs breaking after using their 4th ability?
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