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  1. My clan mate and I wanted to restructure how our research labs were located in our Dojo. We've come across a problem where we can't delete the Tenno Lab and get a message saying "Could not queue component for destruction because it is a prerequisite for other components: remove those components first." Problem is, we both have no idea what this prerequisite is. We searched all along the internet through blog posts and wiki pages and couldn't find anything to do with the Tenno lab being a prerequisite for anything, just that you need and Oracle room to build the research labs, which also gives us the same message. Hopefully this isn't a glitch and we're just missing something but we're at the end of our rope and the internet searches aren't helping.Displaying PS_App_20210711_051933.jpegDisplaying PS_App_20210711_051832.jpegDisplaying PS_App_20210711_051835.jpeg

  2. I currently have been testing fire blast as a subsumed ability, and can't help but notice that enemies somehow are unphased when I use the ability. I am within line of sight, have Overextended, Auger Reach, and Stretch on my build. Sometimes the ability will miss an enemy I am looking directly at, many times in a row. Occasionally enemies behind a target will get hit but not the enemy it is standing behind. The first two screenshots show the first fire blast I used, then after 5 subsequent uses of it, from different angles, the heavy gunner I'm aiming at still it not effected, but the ones behind it, are. The 3rd and 4th screenshots show what generally happens in large groups. I would love to use this ability but it is very inconsistent with what it hits.Displaying PS_Messages_20200916_020208.jpg0?ui=2&ik=58a2345c95&attid=0.1&permmsgidDisplaying PS_Messages_20200916_020216.jpgDisplaying PS_Messages_20200916_020213.jpg

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  3. A fairly often occurence in Railjack that has been around since it's launch is a bug that happens when trying to leave the pilot seat. I'll be piloting the ship, and after using my battle avionic, currently Blackout Pulse, nowhere my weapons won't fire and I'm unable to leave, which forces me to abort the mission. I can't even open the chat to do /unstuck. This is such a big problem for me that I've abandoned Railjack altogether because it's physically unplayable if I want to use my battle avionics.

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