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  1. oh-ho, thats daring, but possible. Hmmm......but im gonna top it. 3 hotfixes within 24 hours
  2. I bet 5 hotfixes before sunday, who bets more or less?
  3. it actually #*!%ing sucks and everyone hates it (except you). Its just boring warframe with extra steps. Genius idea EDIT: Like ive said in my clan they shouldve went even further with the redundancy. First you start the railjack mission to board an enemy corpus capital ship, in there you do a mobile defense to get control of the ship. Once you have control of the capital ship you fly to a normal planet to do a regular mission from the star chart with the main objective of hacking a console to play a different effing game on your computer
  4. So basically you took corpus railjack and pretty much stripped it of everything that was railjack and made it fun and turned it into core warframe with extra steps. Once youre inside a stenchion theres NO difference to normal warframe. Its SO dumb and boring. Honestly, what were you thinking?! You COULD have made this fun and made actual space combat defense missions with Railjack. That wouldve been fun. One guy could do support with the archwing, another steals a crewship for extra firepower, another keeps the team supplied with the forge and does maintenance. All this doesnt matter anymore n
  5. We wanted these in ALL MISSIONS. Period. Not just railjack.
  6. Okay hab den Discord nun auch probiert, die wollen auch Telefonverifizierung
  7. Nein ist ein Vertrag. Der Support von Discord ist auch nicht wirklich eine Hilfe.
  8. und jetzt? soll ich bei vodafone anrufen und ne andere Nummer verlangen nur für den scheiß oder was?
  9. wie ist denn das richtige format? 0 weglassen, nirgends leerzeichen?
  10. Ja habe ich. Und egal was ich eingebe das Programm sagt ungültige Nummer. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine reale und gültige Telefonnummer, von Vodafone glaub ich
  11. Hallo Gemeinde, ich wollte mal fragen wer von euch es geschafft hat auf den offiziellen Warframe Discord zu kommen? Es wird verlang seine Handynummer anzugeben aber bei mir kommt immer dass die ungültig sei. Wie ist denn das richtige Format für diese Nummer? Das wird nirgends beschrieben. Meine Handynummer fängt mit 0172 an gefolgt von 9 Zahlen. Ich habe natürlich +49 für Deutschland ausgewählt in der Dropdown. Schreibe ich dann 0172 XXXXXXXXX oder 172 XXXXXXXXX oder 172XXXXXXXXX oder...oder...oder... Es wird nicht erklärt wie die aussehen muss, geschweige denn ob das mit deutschen H
  12. Please, can we get a way to spend a lot of relics quickly and without wasting them? Make it very hard but time efficient, i dont care. Give me SOMETHING to spend all these damn relics. They haunt me in my dreams
  13. Pretty please? Would make it much nicer to use, especially with the orvius to make not fully charged throws. Can be a very short duration like 3 seconds, that would be nice. Thank you. PS: Why is there no Mod feedback subforum?
  14. Seems to happen while scrolling through the foundry.
  15. Why wouldnt the alerts run for the entirety of the event then? Would it cost them millions of dollars? No. Would the server load increase dramatically? Most likely no. Would anyone complain? No.
  16. Is there a way for me to get the glyph? I barely just missed the alert (since there was no notice in advance about these 3 short times alerts) Also: the typo is a joke, i know its feasting hamster
  17. well i literally have over 102 lith c4. d1 and s8 relics, so i think you can hold at least 999? but if its 999 it may as well be 4096, or 256, depending how the data is saved
  18. personally id prefer some kind of high risk high reward relic cracking. Allow players to open multiple relics at once, but for each relic thrown in the enemy level goes up by XX. Anything to get rid of relics faster, i have literally over a 1000 lith relics.
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