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  1. Figure a bit of time has gone by, I wonder if this is something we have more appetite for?
  2. Selling on why it needs to happen vs if it can happen will be a much easier task :) I would put it something like this, driving vehicles in GTA 5 in 3rd person is fun, easy to do and in general how a lot of people prefer to experience the game. Driving in first person turns even the most basic (possibly boring) activity of driving down a street into some adrenaline pumping action. This is especially true when riding bikes zipping between traffic. For me personally, I find the pace in warframe a bit slow even when I'm zipping around using void dash everywhere. I can speed run a capture in under a minute cracking open a relic and the pace is just starting to get good. Imagine the adrenaline boost you could get playing this beast of a game in first person mode? Ok Ok so let's say you aren't an adrenaline / action seeker, First Person has got you covered if you just want to take in the world without a giant avatar blocking ~50% of your screen (example below) Perhaps you don't care if you can't see where you're going or experiencing the detailed artistic texture and model work up closer. It's also possible that you aren't interested in being closer to the action and getting that adrenaline rush. There's always the chance that you are someone who enjoys marksmanship. Right now we have first person on sniper rifles.. imagine being able to aim down sights on all weapons, not just snipers, playing a mission where you work cover could become far more tactical than can be experienced with 3rd persons where you can see around the corner without having to peep or rely on audio to know if it's safe to proceed.
  3. Yeah Valheim certainly is a fun game to play, the grind has a strange tipping point where it's, grind grind grind then suddenly you get so strong, if you haven't got some construction projects in the work you can get bored pretty quickly. Dev Defence 100% is the reason why threads like this are shut down, and yep been begging for this for nearly a decade now and over the years each excuse is eventually debunked as other games come out and overcome the challenges said to be "too difficult", "projectile vomit inducing", etc.
  4. Not sure if anyone here has played Valheim before? The game was built for 3rd person view. Not long ago someone released a camera mod and now you can enjoy the came in first person mode. They simply removed the player's head and put the camera there, whilst other clients see the full player model. End of the day the argument that it's too hard or time consuming to provide an adequate first person view in a 3rd person game is completely debunked (not that this is news to myself or a great many others already) just more a wave to those who have continued to speak out against it for the reason of it being technically difficult to implement. Sooo TL:DR It's easy to implement People want it so why not let us have the option Even in 3rd person mode I would be a rich gamer if I got paid 1 cent every time my warframe glitched through the camera.. visual fidelity is not up for question
  5. CORPUS CONTRACTS Synopsis Not all Tenno are free from the clutches of greed. Alad V and Nef Anyo have combined their resources to sway the blackened hearts of the less benevolent Tenno among us. Will you help them to forge the ultimate death traps and line your own pockets, or will you fight and teach those with clouded judgement what it means to be worthy of the Tenno legacy? Assemble custom corpus maps Each trap, room, champion corpus unit, etc. deployed into your creation comes at a cost from the available contract budget Every resource farmed by do-good-er Tenno successfully completing the mission is taken away from the contract payout A failed mission delivers full investment returns to the greedy Tenno that took on the corpus contract and designed the death trap Either get rich punishing the greedy or make your wealth from creating deliciously evil missions that result in that perfect storm. Detailed Gamemode Mechanics We already have the basic building blocks to make this happen in the form of our Dojo Architect tool which has been retro-fitted to suit the purposes of the Corpus [see below] There are 2 roles you can play as, Architect and Glory Seeker: Take on a contract with a budget of credits to spend Any left-over budget will be awarded to the Architect each time a Glory Seeker fails to complete their mission A percentage of the left-over resources not farmed by a Glory Seeker are delivered to the Architect once a mission is completed If a Glory Seeker raids +75% resources and completes the mission The mission will be locked down until the Architect makes changes to it Once changes are saved a deployment timer will begin to re-open the map for new Glory Seekers to enter Timer increases by 1hr intervals (on a per contract basis) each time the a Glory Seeker completes it raiding +75% resources Timer decreases by 1hr intervals each time a Glory Seeker fails to extract Timer can be rushed with platinum Architects can design missions with any of the following (open to more ideas) Environmental conditions Traps Security protocols Champion enemy spawn room(s) Floor-Plan (connect rooms together) Mission Type Supports all non-endless mission types Does not include "special" mission types such as Void Sabotage Limited to 1 contract slot per player Can buy more contract slots for platinum Can earn more contract slots by creating effective Death Traps (perhaps throw in a standing system) Depending on how this idea goes, I'm sure it could easily be expanded to work for the Grineer as well. If you like the sound of this idea, please give it a LIKE 🙂
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