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  1. Yeah i could live with that as a compromise if they re-ran the same experiences even if all we got were the voice recordings with no ability to interact with the DE team
  2. Yeah that's the bit that is a shame from what I read it sounds like those with tennocon access were actually teleported into these environments to explore and then brought back to the tennocon relay again. All I'm really advocating is that it would be nice to have an Aussie rep or someone from that other side of the globe as a rep so we can get our own version of the events etc.
  3. For many years now I've looked on at tenno con from afar and wanted to get a chance to participate in the excitement of it all but sadly living in Aus the timezones never lined up at all. Then they moved it to an online event and I thought for sure I will get to participate this time around so i bought my ticket to get in on the action. Well not that different to most of the live streams it went down while I was otherwise indisposed sigh. I wish they had an Australian version of these events so those of us who work can participate when we clock off for the day. I don't regret trying to pa
  4. It has very little to do with being good or bad at the game.. there are countless threads that highlight the issues with this particular enemy and THAT is why even DE are now doing a poll to see what we want done about it.. trying to say it's just 1 new enemy and geeze how bad must we all be simply shows that you haven't gone the distance against them or are comfortable with game developers limiting you to 1 play style. I don't want to swing a fkn stick around to kill things I prefer weapons that require aim and skill instead of mind numbing button bashing ..however an enemy that can 1shot
  5. lost so much the next thing to go is becoming my patience. 60min T3S log out nothing rewarded.. over and over..
  6. All it would take is a brief walkthrough of someone obtaining some isotopes and then building the disruptor in their foundry .. equipping it and then a quick run through of an attack. If they mentioned to new players that you need to destroy all the "nodes" surrounding the main reactor before you go for the reactor in order to increase how much damage the game decides you have dealt, that would be helpful as well. Liuid is right in saying that what really needs to happen is better directions in game as you go including less cryptic "hints" about what you should be getting. Basic rule
  7. yeah it's come back again.. thought it was handled but seems it's not. cant' get into the game again
  8. Unless we get a reward other than fkn pretty stickers for our warframes I couldn't give to fks about saving the relay hubs.. its not like they'll take em out of the game after putting that much work to put them in so meh oh forgot to mention .. mine won't let me log in either and the forums are acting odd too trying to tell me i didn't log in when i did and that i can't post stuff when i am.
  9. Yes Zephyr would excel in this gamemode and lol about the Lore gunned down haha I just kinda made up a scenario to support the gamemode but yah I'm sure DE who know ALL the lore can come up with something a bit more awesome and fitting.
  10. I think if we are looking for practical rational .. warframe isn't the game you should be playing. Very little logic is exercised with enemy units and attack approaches. That being said and done, perhaps "Because Warframe rarely uses anything rational anyway" isn't a strong enough response so here are some reason : 1. When you wish to have a robust alternative to a tread based tank.. which is often limited in mobility vs a humanoid structure. Humans are capable of multiple functions of movement ranging from climbing, jumping, swimming, sprinting, crouching, lifting, holding etc.. th
  11. Well I'm thinking that the Skyscrapers would mostly function as a means to allow the player to stay up nice and high. There could be varying difficulty levels by introducing "turbulance boosts" which help keep players up in the air if they can navigate over them.. like the air vents in some corpus missions on Jupiter. I've not seen astroboy or megamind to know what that means exactly.. I've always cosidered that the Tenno may originate from a more earth-like background and therefore it would be a more familiar setting than the more commonly found "Domes or Single Towers holding all civili
  12. Homeland Defense - Advanced Gamemode - Name subject to change based on suggestions ---------------------------------------------------------- Grineer / Corpus are attacking the Homeland where Tenno originate from using gigantic robots (same form as their faction.. so either a Huge Grineer Melee Unit or a Corpus one. Gameplay Mechanics : 1. Enemy Giants will be attacking the skyscrapers in the city and once all buildings are destroyed the player loses. 2. Each Giant is piloted by a generic Grineer or Corpus unit situated in the "Skull" cockpit area. Players must shoot thr
  13. Yes valkyr is useless in the described situations now because of this. The OP makes a very compelling case with clear and precise scenarios. I'm unsure of how others are coming to a different conclusion here... the frame is built around that ability so DE can't turn around and say "no more 4". An ability that makes a frame completely invincible was probably a poor idea in hindsight... it's not our fault for seeing that this may be awesome and all grabbing it. Is there something wrong with spotting advantages in how we do tasks? Last I checked, people that find easier ways to achieve id
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