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  1. They are 100% responsible for it as they created the system, not the buyers. Currently the system allows buyers to roll for weapon stat buffs that drive power creep on already powerful gear. This system will then wait for enough players to invest into the new top tier powerful weapon (popularity) before it nerfs the effectiveness of the item a (now large) collection of players have invested in. There are quite a few ways this problem could have been avoided, namely by simply providing players with a selection of fixed weapon stat buffs that would not contribute to power creep on already powerful gear. Then there would be no reason to nerf popular rivens as the system would be pre-balanced out of the gate.
  2. Nah their bubble should play like the rest of the in game world and anything with punch through should actually punch through the thing like it would any other barrier in the game.
  3. Exactly fixed stat combinations is the ideal solution
  4. Can we please look at fixing the broken riven system, this isn't just a subjective discussion anymore, we have feedback from 248 players (and growing) that shows how this is impacting the community: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Thread:1445369 83% of the votes show that we have a majority who simply aren't happy with the way this system is working right now. Be great to also consider other avenues for creating missions that can be replayed such as: Nullifiers are still causing a real problem out there, can we please talk about a tweak to how they impact the effectiveness of certain frames. We get it that not all frames should be good at doing every mission type, but surely every frame should have a way to take down all 3 factions with a relatively similar level of effort.
  5. The main thing that's unfair about riven mods right now is that the entire system is built around gambling. DE have shown a strong stand against this kind of thing before, I really hope they can demonstrate that same resolve again this time around because it clearly is hurting the community with how the system is currently designed. Players that poke fun at those who have fallen victim to a system like this are no better than people who try and say that addicts to gambling IRL should have known better. "They were told the odds up front and how the game is designed to work so it's their own fault they lost so much". I'm not saying that @VanFanel1980mx is an addict either, I'm simply saying that there are a lot of players out there who are struggling with this type of gambling activity as can be seen by the consistently long disposition changes thread comments each time they come through. There is a proposed way that this whole issue can be improved: If DE are responsible for providing fixed stat combinations that they are comfortable with, there is no logical reason why we need to see riven mods getting nerfed. Instead over time they can simply release new combination sets for each of the riven mods so we get more and more pre-balanced diversity.
  6. This is one of the big issues with the system right now, popularity in no way guards against power creep which it's pretty easy to observe riven mods have played a nice hand in pushing ahead. Not all popular weapons are the most powerful. This kind of routine nerfing simply provides incentive to players that find a powerful weapon + riven combo to just stay quiet so it doesn't become popular. When a system is counter intuitive to the goal of players helping players, surely it needs to be re-looked at for either a slight tweak on: Goals and objectives of that system Mechanics around how the system is designed to work
  7. Since we're here looking at rivens again.. let's consider fixing the underlying issues with the system:
  8. Took a look spot checking random prime "seasonals" and unsurprisingly over the last 90 days the value fluctuates around a stable average line. Only outlier is Rhino Prime set likely coming back down to the regular avg values again from a boost 3 months ago
  9. Did the price of items crash to zero? Since we've had warframe.market running for a while now, have these prices continued to drop or do they simply go up and down in waves sitting around an average price point?
  10. This would be pretty cool, the alternative would be to simply provide a summary when the last spawned in enemy is killed that includes all those kind of statistics as an average. Then to get specific values, you spawn in 1 of a specific type of enemy so it's the exact data and not an average.
  11. It's likely diminishing returns trying to push beyond a certain point, the moment a "wave" starts to run longer than it takes to knock over 2 or so Rotation A's is probably the point where I'd be simply restarting again. In terms of what can be done to go further running solo, the best I've found is using a gunblade but even that only takes you so far. Solo play seems to be more neglected than squads under a few different scenarios. Survival often becomes suffocation due to abysmal spawn rates, Excavation is a slow grind after a certain point where it becomes near impossible to have more than 1 on the go at a time.
  12. I'm simply saying that having the AH had no impact on rares or seasonals, there's no confusion about the value imparted by these item types as this remains stable with slight price rises each year for the limited rares. The point I made is that the prime vault generates seasonals, not rares, this is likely where the confusion has stemmed from. Hoarders aren't an unusual thing to find in games related to the collection of seasonals and rares, etc. To compare how this has actually played out in Habbo (just one of who knows how many long standing games with an AH we can look at for reference) the hoarders aren't ignorant to why they started hoarding in the first place. They either Just like a specific item and want an incomprehensible number of it that they take to their account's "grave" or They artificially increased the rarity of a given item and wait for the price to go right up. This is the most common scenario and they typically slow sell back into the market place or do a full sale of the entire hoarded stock at a massive markup to another player so the global rarity goes unaffected. Wat? It's either ridiculous or it holds water.. and by your own admission it holds water. Then you need new glasses, or a seeing eye dog. You throw an insult that implies the other person must be vision impaired or handicapped to the extent they require a seeing eye dog as an argument to prove you aren't depending on insults to get your point across. Wat?
  13. I'd be down for that Mag Umbra if we're just saying things that we want at this point vs sticking with the actual prime pattern xD
  14. Fair call again a lot of truth in those words. Taking this into account, I just got this interesting thought, what would happen if a player were able to pay a platinum fee to get their poll in front of X% of players that log in.. so when you log in, your inbox comes up with a poll vetted by DE that costs a player X platinum and can be linked directly into their forum posts. If a player chose to Opt-Out of this feature when they go to the settings in game or via their profile in here.. or they check a box on the actual in -game poll. One poll inbox message is unlikely to be a big deal forcing players to rage quit.. especially if it's easy to opt out of future polls should they noot want to have their say. It'd lower the threshold needed for feedback, and should open up to a statistically meaningful qty of respondents. Interested to get your thoughts on something like that as a tweak on this idea. It's pretty rough and could definitely use a bit of polish but that's the underlying thought i had. Yep sadly the design council is more or less used as an early test bed for ideas. In all the time I've been an active participant, most of the feedback we've provided was overlooked, which I guess is well idk I suppose I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of the design council is these days, it used to be a first line of feedback and input into new content being worked on but now it's more just a mash up of random ideas on a given topic with no clear way to organise that feedback. The most well organised topic I've seen in a while there was around new dojo colours and it used strict feedback guidelines + polls to filter down the ideas.
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