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  1. Fix for overlay map in caves and underground facilities?
  2. I'd love to see the Karak / Karak Wraith get a boost in disposition, It's one of the closest things we have to a standard Assault Rifle but even with a riven like the one I have: +272.4% DMG +155.4 Status -35.5% Fire Rate It punches in quite low on DPS vs other more popular weapons like the Soma, Soma Prime and Tiberon to name a few, this is largely due to the lower critical chance and multiplier on both weapons and the lower status chance on the standard Karak. Karak / Wraith Base Crit Chance: 9% / 13% Crit Multi: 1.5x / 2x Status: 15% / 25% Soma / Soma Prime / Tiberon / Tiberon Prime Crit Chance: 30% / 30% / 26% / 28% Crit Multi: 3x / 3x / 2.4x / 3x Status: 7% / 10% / 16% / 20% Given the relative magazine size on these weapons and fire rate, I believe that the Karak / Karak Wraith would benefit from that slight boost in disposition to encourage more players using it vs the other assault rifles out there.
  3. I wonder if the development team could benefit from feedback posts being framed as a user story with potential acceptance criteria they feel are not yet met, structured as Gherkin or a similar BDD type Given -> When -> Then phrasing? Be quite interesting and helpful to learn a little more about the flow of steps a bug / feature goes through starting at a feedback post here to something implemented into the game.
  4. 1431349 Pet getting stuck in the geometry on the Kuva Fortress tileset during Kuva Survival missions.
  5. This particular hotfix really frustrates me because since I first played the game we have these conflicting messages going on here: DE send out the messages that encourage players to: - Use a variety of warframes Lots of warframes to choose from with really cool and unique abilities. - Take advantage of being able to assemble custom squads that suit your own playstyle and provide maximum returns Loads of mods that allow players to create very unique and potentially powerful squad combinations, @[DE]Steve explicitly spoke in one of their very early Dev Streams about how he believed that the Mod system in Warframe set it apart from other games because it can produce an almost endless number of character builds vs locking players down to a skill tree system. - Fight enemies the way you want to fight them We have a vast number of rifles, sidearms, melee weapons and warframe abilities to choose from so it seems to be a pretty good indication that players should feel free to use whatever they like against whatever enemy / in whatever mission they choose - Farm resources and additional items in the game for free because the game is not Pay To Win, but free to play Even the slogan "Ninjas play for free" reinforces this message On the topic of playstyle freedom DE make changes that force players to: - Preference using melee when fighting infested Guns cause the runners to explode on death so at high level this became a serious problem. - Continue moving around in an endless type mission Mobs stop coming after the player at consistently high volumes if you stay in one spot for too long..stepping in and out of the room fixes it but they'll likely patch this too. AFK timer... say no more~ - Depend on weapons when fighting All mobs now stand outside the radius of AoE type abilities if the same ability is recast in roughly the same location a 2nd time, introduced Nullifiers and made Ancients either disrupt or dampen abilities to the point where they became pointless. - Avoid using abilities In general with the above taken into account plus the fact that players can no longer use most warframe ultimate abilities whilst in the air, energy leach eximus, energy reduction missions, those tony hawks enemies added to Corpus, Sortie Hijack disables abilities when powering the objective, etc.. It seems that DE are really aiming to force players into having a preference of avoiding the use of abilities as a staple aspect to their play style. On the topic of "Ninjas play for free" This is one of the main reasons I first gave the game a shot back in the day. Whenever players find a new effective way to farm something, it seems as though from my perspective; DE introduce new changes that either cripple or completely remove that technique such as what we see with this particular update. Now how does this come back to being able to play for free vs paying to play? There are significant grind walls in place to obtain certain items as a means of encouraging players to straight out buy these things with platinum instead. I get that bills have to be paid and so the addition of Resource boosters, Buying resources from vendors at Cetus / Marketplace in order to build a farmed weapon seemed like a good idea. The problem here is that DE created a real problem for themselves; a significant aspect to playing Warframe is farming.. it's practically all you do really... and they tied in paying their bills with the challenge associated to farming. The more difficult the farming becomes, the more platinum they sell, too easy to farm and they lose sales. This is a pretty dangerous line to walk, and it is something I've created posts on in the past about where I provided a lot of alternative approaches they could take to support funding their game without having any direct impact on the core mechanic that drives gameplay (farming). It's never too late to change how things are done and break this connection between the 2, if anything changes like the one we see today and the ones leading up to this point show DE aren't afraid of making sweeping changes that impact how their game is played. At a guess, it's probably just easier to keep the dance going where we have the left foot telling players... "warframe / weapon X is great for farming resource Y / warframe Z" and then the right foot saying "but don't try farming things it's too difficult, just buy platinum and purchase resource Y or warframe Z directly" At the end of the day: A player's freedom to choose how they play the game continues to be reduced as a means of controlling the rate at which they can farm resources to get stuff that would otherwise result in platinum sales for DE. The easier it is to farm Oxium or whatever else we need to build warframes / weapons / etc, the less it is likely we'll use platinum someone purchased to buy them directly. Platinum sales are critical to the ongoing production of game content and the survival of Warframe, which is something I believe the entire community would want to continue happening.. no one here wants the game to die out. I just wish DE could risk trying to make sales another way: Below are a few ideas I've thrown around in the past which either explicitly mention how they could be used to generate platinum sales or provide a lot of new ways that this could be done: - Plat sales by letting players increase item listing cap buy more listing slots - Plat sales with a small 1% Plat trade tax rounding down so if the trade would result in less than 1plat trade tax, there is no tax on that trade - Promoted items system.. promote your particular item for X time at a cost of X platinum - etc. Personally I'm unaffected by this change or any others really as I have just about every single item in the game, tons of all resources.. more than I could ever try to spend at least. For me, it's about the quality of life new players that I introduce to the game experience. ..for them.. Changes like this mean they either: - Burn out from the grind and quit the game - Start shelling out for platinum to buy things so they don't have to partake in brutal grind-fests. Which actually means they sometimes miss out on even playing various game modes / content because when you already own the item that a certain mission would otherwise reward you with, what is the point in re-running that mission again if it's nothing but a painfully slow grind anyway?
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