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  1. It will be a new dex skin.. probably for saryn since the weekend war relics are for saryn prime
  2. It'd be nice if Nyx's passive was replaced with something mind game-sy.. like.. when an enemy affected by Nyx's abilities dies Nyx gains a mind game stack with various effects depending on the amount of stacks you have. You get killed? lose a few stacks instead and you didn't actually die. The enemies around that saw you 'get killed' were just imagining it happening because of Nyx's mind games passive and walk off still thinking you're dead even though you're not.. enemies that are firing at you randomly reload because they think they've run out of ammo even if they haven't or they run up to you harmlessly and drop ammo to share their ammo with you, thinking that you're an ally in need of ammo.. they randomly scream and run off after seeing an illusion of their worse fears.. stuff like that. ..and absorb is worse than useless right now. You just die the moment you turn it off since every enemy is shooting at you. You're vulnerable the moment you turn it off but there's a delay before the blast hits so you just get barraged before anything even happens. Definitely needs fixing or there's no point using the ability.
  3. Will Power str affect the debuff % values? If yes; will a minus to power str buff enemy armor/shield/speed like how minus str for Nova speeds up enemies? Because I wouldn't like to play with a troll that tries to buff enemy armor/shield for the whole mission.
  4. It's been like that for a while. I used it with Titania against the Eidolons. It increases crit chance, but the damage is lowered no matter what. Testing it outside of Eidolons showed that it turned my fully Radiation built Dex pixia into something that dealt Electric damage instead.. pretty sure it's supposed to combine the Electric damage buff with the Radiation damage, like Volts shield does, but it just replaces it instead.. Definitely glitched.
  5. Wait, so.. do these Evergreen rotations mean we won't get any more Prime mods and Weapons for the Daily tribute system in the future? If the Evergreens happen every 50 days then there's no room for Sigil/booster packs, Prime mods and Weapons, right? So I should just log in on day 900 and get Primed sure footed instead of waiting for this to get updated since there's not going to be a new weapon to snatch up on that day instead and my next 3 Milestone rewards cannot change from the 3 that they're currently at right now.
  6. Will the changes to the combo counter in melee 3.0 affect Warframes abilities that deal extra damage based on the combo multiplier making it so that they don't gain damage based on the combo multipliers level, like being an indirect nerf to those abilities? If it does then will Augments that add to the combo multiplier like Surging Dash be changed? I mean.. if the abilities no longer gain damage from the combo multiplier then Surging dash adding 4 points to the multiplier won't help the ability, making it seem like a pointless augment that just doesn't help the ability it was made for.
  7. Meanwhile I'm still waiting for Zephyr's deluxe that was announced so many years ago now that you forgot to mention it.. and, now that I think about it, it might even have been announced before Octavia and Nidus were even in the game.. and both of them will have a deluxe by tomorrow xD Just checked and it was announced in devstream 67 all the way back in Jan. 22nd 2016. So it was before Inaros, Titania, Nidus and Octavia existed.
  8. Isn't this an indirect nerf to Warframe abilities like Whipclaw, Slash dash, Exalted blade, Blade storm, Iron jab, Hysteria, Landslide? Since they gain damage from the Combo multiplier's damage bonus...and Augments like Rising storm and Surging dash lose their use for their abilities since the abilities won't gain damage from the multiplier any more. Will those augments be changed?
  9. Oh I thought the prologue was a teaser for a full version of an apostasy quest that was gonna come later xD ..that prologue quest is short asf..
  10. So "The Apostasy" quest is required, not "The Apostasy prologue"? The wait suddenly feels longer v_v
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