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  1. Makes me think of a fast paced assassination mission culminating with a boss fight with the level crumbling around you and gets worse while the boss fight continues.. When you extract it's a race to the finish while the level is falling apart even more. Your idea sounds like mad fun.
  2. You're so effin right! lol every time i'm in a squad with a Saryn, Equinox, or any room killing frame I barely provide buffs as Harrow because I need bodies to make those buffs, and before I can even aim at an enemy, It's either been corroded to death, blasted to hell and back, or melted. You really notice the anti-synergy with other frames even more with Revenant and his thralls. Players kill them the moment they see them or accidentally kill them.
  3. Ok, that makes sense. I just wish he didn't have to fight other players just to provide buffs.
  4. "Hey kiddo..." You have a void doppelgänger now. 😀
  5. I kinda agree with OP, but I won't say Harrow is exactly selfish. The issue is that he ends up fighting with the other squadmates in order to really capitalize off of his abilities. Condemn is pretty straight forward cause it chains enemies down for him or other players to pick off, awarding Harrow with overshields with each enemy chained down. That's cool, cause Harrow doesn't have to fight with anyone else fro the kill.His 2, however, is contingent upon Harrow killing an enemy to give health to other players. His 3 isn't a problem until the buff is made and Harrow has to go around and get kills in order to give out energy per kill. As mentioned before, when there's large AOE frames like Saryn and equinox, it's really hard for Harrow to build any buffs since enemies are being mass deleted with either one of those frames running around with Harrow. I wonder if making the team able to proc his buffs while they're active would cause Harrow to be considered OP? I mean, I can see how it would benefit the team and Harrow specifically.
  6. Soooo I should keep away from arbis when they hit console? I already have too many encounters where players will be a $&*^ and not revive me after I've basically been the team medic, or players just leaving when they go down in an arbi triggering host migration and me being dead or close to it when the game puts me back in. This isn't going to enforce teamwork in public missions. Especially when players still leave when they go down even though they could be revived now. I think I'm just going to stay away until they iron out all the kinks.
  7. It's terrible that you had a negative encounter so early, but not everyone is like that. Most Tenno are helpful and are glad to help out. Hopefully, you'll have more positive experiences with Tenno in the future.
  8. Her 3 is....the one that makes her harder to hit in dark and stronger in light, right? Haven't played her in a while so I'm a bit rusty on her kit. But if that is what her 3 does, I'm not sure if it's worth making a toggle, cause that means that DE would possibly just make it a channeled energy eating ability.
  9. It would be kinda cool if our Operators could do this. Especially in cutscenes for dramatics.
  10. This Tenno doesn't run from a battle. He grins evilly and says "Uketetatto!"
  11. That's not what I said. I said this game isn't like Destiny, where you're doing quests that take you into PvP and PvE or make the lore have stories of Tenno killing other Tenno with a cursed weapon or frame. TWW definitely had Teshin in it, but was he saying anything about the conclave in the quest? No. Instead, Teshin got personal with our operators and told us why he was bound to obey the queens and some other lore information. Conclave wasn't mentioned one bit.
  12. No. Warframe doesn't need to be a PvE PvP game. It's not Destiny, where the PvE and PvP are apart of the lore of the game. From the looks of it, conclave is more of an afterthought in Warframe. it's a game mode that is easily forgotten and played by few. Having little to no PvP game mode isn't going to hurt this game. The game is mainly PvE co-op, and it's fine that way.
  13. Completely agree with OP. Take my muhkcufin upvote! As seemingly great NW is, it often just feels like a chore list.
  14. You're right. Both events are a slog and I find myself avoiding the thermia fractures, even though I want the Opticor Vandal. Bad. Both events just feel like a chore. I'm finding myself logging on to see what challenges I can knock out instead of seeing what I would like to work towards building, like I used to. I think they could've done the nightwave system a bit better, as well as making the task of sealing thermia fractures more fun instead of open world mobile defense.
  15. Probably gonna get hate for this, but I'd rather do Nightwave missions and be invaded by the wolf than seal thermia fractures. THAT ish is fuggin boring man...
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