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  1. You're right. Both events are a slog and I find myself avoiding the thermia fractures, even though I want the Opticor Vandal. Bad. Both events just feel like a chore. I'm finding myself logging on to see what challenges I can knock out instead of seeing what I would like to work towards building, like I used to. I think they could've done the nightwave system a bit better, as well as making the task of sealing thermia fractures more fun instead of open world mobile defense.
  2. Probably gonna get hate for this, but I'd rather do Nightwave missions and be invaded by the wolf than seal thermia fractures. THAT ish is fuggin boring man...
  3. After missing out on many potato alerts because sleep and school and just generally being away from my console, I'm looking forward to this new alert system.
  4. Looking forward to all the new hotness. Thanks for the information of things to come. I'll have to wait a while longer than the PC folks, but I'm not worried, I'll more than likely just watch all the content on youtube when it comes out. I spoil myself with spoilers so badly.
  5. This is low-key making me want to farm Nyx's parts again...I'm excited for when this will eventually land on console!
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