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  1. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Whiteboards & Roadmaps: an Update

    Looking forward to all the new hotness. Thanks for the information of things to come. I'll have to wait a while longer than the PC folks, but I'm not worried, I'll more than likely just watch all the content on youtube when it comes out. I spoil myself with spoilers so badly.
  2. What MR test are you having trouble in? I'm sure it's been mentioned before, but you can go to Samaris at the relays to practice your tests. Some tests are frustrating, but they're basically a test of your general knowledge of the game. You can also find a crapload of vidoes on YouTube of each MR test and the best way to pass them. I know it's annoying as kcuf all, but you can do it!
  3. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Revenant surprised me

    Revvy boi is aight. I used him A LOT when I first built him. Other frames stole my attention, but I take him out for a stroll every now and again.
  4. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Captured by Zanuka with only 1 Warframe. Results!

    So, will you be able to get your frame back? Or is it forever captured?
  5. If I was playing as Stalker, I'd probably scare the crap outta newer players by just being there, but knowing me, I'd just help them kill a boss and extract lmao.
  6. As the person before me stated, Fortuna isn't as beginner friendly as it appears. Most of the enemies there are level 20 or higher and the level ramps up quickly if you're reaking havoc in OV because of the wanted/notoriety system. It would be best to tackle the rest of the star chart and build up your inventory so you can go back into Fortuna and kick ass. Best of luck to you, Tenno.
  7. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Ostron Outfits for Operators. DE, PLEASE!

    The last one on the right looks amazing to me.
  8. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Is The Lotus Evil (2018)

    I don't think it's a simple "Lotus is evil". Natah, prior to meeting us void tainted kids, was evil no doubt. However, after the fall of the Orokin and Natah deciding to take care of us, decided to become the Lotus and "Kill" Natah. I don't think she's necessarily evil because of all the instances where she saves us or worries about our safety. Especially after the War Within. She slightly scolds us for not following her directions to abort the mission when she detected transference interruption around the Kuva Foretress. When the G3 attack you she tells you to run to extraction because they're blocking our connection to her. She also scolds us for not following her direction after defeating them too. And let's not forget that she came all the way to our ship to check on us after The Second Dream. By the time the Apostacy Prologue happened, it seemed like Ballas had done something to her to make her leave with him. IIRC, Ballas waved his hand and Lotus's helmet detached from her seat and her personality slightly changed. After that, she still seemed entranced in The Sacrifice, and I still believe she's under control in the New War trailer. Her sentient frame looks odd too, like she's being held in there against her will. All of this being said, I really hope we're not going to have to fight and kill her in The New War and any subsequent quests....I don't think I could go through with it. Killing the one person who guided me through so many adventures and cared for my Tenno would just be tough for me.
  9. (XB1)GameNerd300

    is it my build?

    For your Rhino, how do you have him modded? I've never used Hydroid in The Vallis, but I'd think that Rhino has more suitability than Hydroid, with Iron Skin and all.
  10. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Stalker Mode = best thing in game!

    It would be hilarious punching player controlled Stalkers to death with my Umbral Atlas. Just like I do with the AI controlled Stalker.
  11. Other than that 1 instance where she lets sentients fire at you, she hasn't tried to attack us. I think the lotus/natah/margulis are more complicated then we like to think.
  12. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Garuda Rework? please?

    I ship Garuda and Ash.
  13. (XB1)GameNerd300

    When are consoles going to get an update?

    That's crazy, I don't experience any of those bugs. Not trying to minimize your frustration, (Those are some controller throw inducing bugs) but damn, If bugs like that can still exist in console builds, what's the whole purpose of the cert process??
  14. (XB1)GameNerd300

    The index, a world of stupid.

    This is primarily why I'd rather do index by myself, or Hope and pray to God that I get competent players who don't just hoard points and NOT bank them.
  15. (XB1)GameNerd300

    When are consoles going to get an update?

    You must be new here. Be patient Tenno, us console Tenno are second in updates to the PC Tenno. (Trust me, waiting to play with the new hotness SUCKS when you see the PC players running around with new shiny things. but at least we don't have to deal with all the bugs and hotfixes to those bugs.)