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  1. (XB1)GameNerd300

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I'm hoping that more fixes will come with his Nodachi/katana (Whenever they release it)
  2. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Christmas Color Palette?

    If i'm not wrong, I think there's a "winter" color palette coming with the holiday decorations.
  3. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Chroma needs a rework

    The one thing I never really liked about Chroma is that with him being a supposed "master of the elements" he doesn't have the ability to swap elements in a mission. Vauban gets to switch between what kinds of mines he uses for his minelayer, why can't Chroma swap his elements mid-mission? Was that too hard to program for him or did they just leave tat out because of "balance" ? I'd really like to know why.
  4. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    This is low-key making me want to farm Nyx's parts again...I'm excited for when this will eventually land on console!
  5. I like this! I wish DE would consider this. It's really good!
  6. Man, when I was a new player I loved those experienced players who had frames that nuked entire rooms. Most of the time they saved my life when I got to a point where my puny amount of N00b damage tickled higher level enemies. If you don't like the possiblity of running into those nuker frames, organize your own team or just play solo. You're wasting your time complaining here. (Especially when there's already a megathread chock full a complaints about Saryn) Leave Lady Saryn alone.
  7. (XB1)GameNerd300

    PAINS of Harrow

    The only part of COH I found hard was the final fight. Operator combat against enemies faster than you aint easy when you have the mote amp.
  8. (XB1)GameNerd300

    "Shuang Gou" Hook Swords style ?

    I'm surprised that these aren't in the game. Please add them, DE?
  9. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Should RailJack be an Event?

    I also heard that RJ will also be a new method of travel in the star chart.
  10. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Moa "Gene Masking Kit" from Biz

    I'm still hoping that they'll make 4 legged MOA designs. I want a doggie MOA.
  11. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Operator Body/Clothing Feedback + Changes!

    God this makes me scared of how my operator will look once fortuna hits consoles....I hope they don't muck up his fashion.
  12. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Is vauban ever getting a proper rework?

    They're not done with their rework of him. I do think that charging his one was a dumb decision, given that most Vauban players toss their electro-balls around without the need to charge them. Making all or most of a frames abilities chargable is bad to me because it breaks the action. (Looking at you, Hydroid)
  13. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Requesting cyberpunk vent-kids neon UI theme

    OMG that's sexyyyyyyyy!!! Too bad i'm plat broke, cause i'd buy that theme in a heartbeat!
  14. (XB1)GameNerd300

    Sentiants Bug

    Try Tycho on Lua. I think they spawn in every 5 minutes. (someone please correct me if i'm wrong) Hope that helps.
  15. (XB1)GameNerd300

    If you have Ciphers Equipped they should auto use without pressing Y

    Nah, I'd rather want to keep the choice of being able to solve the hacking puzzle myself, or push y/triangle to bypass it. If it was setup to auto-use the cipher I'd burn through them so fast I'd hate it. let players have the choice.