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  1. Thank God the devs are already aware of the Void Storms and how annoying they are. You can barely see the "weak point" and if you don't goodbye FPS, health and vision. Warframe is seriously becoming a visual mess with the amount of effects on our screen.
  2. Oh, I see, thank you. Still, I would prefer a automatic system like in the railjack. Get in the mission with all three bots and if another player joins the bot is gone.
  3. I wish there was a plan to be able to bring our railjack crew bots to normal missions as well.
  4. Was playing Hildryn in the Murex. Haven was active. Went to operator to heal OPLINK (using Vazaryn) and make me and squad invulnerable. Upon returning to Hildryn nothing worked, I could only move in a weirdly fashion. I couldn't open chat, I couldn't fire my weapon, I couldn't return to Operator, I couldn't use my abilities. If I pressed E or F the animation of weapon changing occurred, but I couldn't use them. Inside the Railjack I could activate the weapons of Railjack and shoot. But upon going out of them I couldn't do anything again. Still could use waypoint. Couldn't leave Railjack. The g
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