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  1. Its real sad that you guys are flaunting this update in a stream meant for the ENTIRE Warframe community, when a large majority of us dont even have the content. You've forgotten your console community once again. Update after update for PC, and its like you aren't even trying to keep your console players around. Here's an idea; stop releasing updates until we're caught up. Atleast TRY to give a care about your console players who have ALSO been here and been supporting you since release. 

  2. Im on ps4 and have experienced this since the Chimera update. No one can enter the other rooms in my orbiter. This really sucks because I would like to show off all my floofs!! Please DE fix this bug!! 

    Also yes, the ramp to the lisit is missing in every case where I visited another friends ship and I couldnt get through thier doors either. Very frustrating. 

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