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  1. What link would you recommend I use ? When I pick seek? I’m looking to get a hybrid build
  2. I was wondering if I should use the plague bokwin or the seekalla for my hybrid kripath build.. and I don’t wanna make 2 of them what do you think is best? I’ll have 1.0 atts with plague, 1.12 with seek? I will be using CO as well, I was told bokwin gives a lil more range as well I just don’t know what to pick.
  3. Makes sense, with my sc zaw I have 65% without any 60 mods. But I’ll probably have to use 60 mods for my cc zaw
  4. So I have one kripath riven, that has 200 melee, 103 sc, do I use a kripath with 32 sc, or one with 32 cc and 14 sc? For a condition overload build. That’s the 2 zaws I got atm ^ I was told a 100% status won’t be good on a kripath [ that’s hm I have right now with my riven plus 2 60 mods ]
  5. He didn’t answer my question, keep sucking tho.
  6. I’m also hoping it will be awhile until the “ gram “ nerf or melee 3.0
  7. That’s good. If my gram does get nerfed I’ll just use the paracesis lol I have a riven but trash rolls so far.
  8. Yeah, it would suck if it’s a 2 dispo. If anything the paracesis will be my new melee.
  9. Ohhh thnx!!! I guess you didn’t read my other questions right?
  10. Dispo mostly, don’t see them actually nerfing the weapon
  11. My question is about the gram in 3.0, do you think it will still be very good? And I’m hoping they only make it a 4 dispo. Because my riven right now is + 306 melee, +97 atts, - slide crit. Hm do you think that would go down? And do you think I should be worried or no because it will still be very good?
  12. Have you tried it endgame? That build looks awesome man. Looks balanced very balanced
  13. I was wondering what builds you are running with her, im trying to make a flower build ( her first ability) what mods would you recommend?
  14. Idk, don’t you think the neg would hurt more for endgame? The first one
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