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  1. Yeah this. There were no hints and there should've been. I'm not asking much, maybe just a small thing like "have a whole dedicated mini-quest where the almost-dead creator of the sword tells you to use the Sentient Slayer against the Sentients and gives it to you" or something, i dunno. This too. I mean, if i already have a Braton Prime, i necessarily have to build another as soon as i get the pieces, because that's what you do with Prime parts.
  2. Ok but no one cares. If people with a job and kids, which certainly aren't the majority of the playerbase considering that in a few days there were around 60000 liches created, wants these weapons so much then they'll get them via trading, but i'm sure you already knew that option is coming right?
  3. Maybe he just thinks that people need to actually get good at the game or at least try to cheese them instead of doing yet another mission with no changes? Maybe he thinks people can actually play the game properly instead of relying on the cheat codes that are mods? The suggestions in this thread are mostly cool, the people bawling their eyes out because they can't press 1 button to win in one-time mission really aren't(not mentioning you can still do it, too). "the things i've worked for" is one of the dumbest things i've read. So you can't win without them? Pathetic. 5 bucks you're complaining about Maiming Strike and Zenistar too? Also while it doesn't work against infested and generally lower level enemies, Rage and Hunter Adrenaline almost completely negate energy issues, working better the higher leveled the enemies are. Regurgitate is bad, period. Not only because of the damage but also because the explosion radius is extremely small. Bad damage on a toxic projectile i wouldn't have minded, but the projectile has to actually hit stuff. I don't mind the Pulverize issue presented by IAmPhase, what i have an issue with is its damage. While it can hit many enemies and doesn't stop while it hits one, its damage is simply too low. Let's take the usual Corrupted Heavy Gunners. Knocking myself over a lv155 one, i do around 900 damage. This is nothing of course, and the worst thing is that the other 5 gunners i've eaten, by comparison, die super fast. Why? Not only because they're constantly losing health and armor, but because each time i bounce i do 8-9 times that damage. I'm talking about 8000-9000 each bounce. It seems Grendel never wants enemies before him, but always inside him.
  4. Sure you do....except you don't. I stupidly bought all three keys and then went "LF Grendel X mission" and got all the parts without using any key, only having them as "collection" now. Also nice to see that people cry because they can't play without their cheat codes, really shows the general level of skill of the userbase.
  5. It takes a while to get used to but i seem to be getting the hang of the new system. One thing saddens me though, apparently the fast flurry from Gaia's Tragedy got removed? It was the reason i used the stance at all haha. I understand that maybe it made reaching the final punch a little longer but still. I'd rather it become the combo's opener instead of the triple uppercut.
  6. DE will you bother fixing before release? We already know that Ambulas boss fights are gonna get bugged since Grendel can eat them. Either make them not edible or do something else.
  7. So uh just a question...does Pulverize not "absorb" enemies anymore? I don't recall seeing it used in the Devstream and in the trailer it only knocks enemies back/away.
  8. Ok but why would i get Atlas Prime when the only difference with the base is 25 additional armor and 1 point of sprint speed? I really hope these stats are not final because this makes it the most pathetic Prime upgrade ever. Before him Trinity got the short end of the stick but even she got 150 additional shields.
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