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  1. Isn't it obvious? Think about it. The latest free trial ends on the 25th. They'll make it available on the 26th.
  2. Can we get Necramechs in normal missions yet? The "test" Orphix mode worked, it's time to make people be able to actually use what they farmed for in something limited that isn't Railjack or an open world. It's not like they're umbalanced as they die faster and do less damage than normal frames....
  3. Sevagoth's Shadow's Heavy Attacks still bug out and become unusable at random.
  4. I would just like for Shadow to use heavy attacks when i want to use heavy attacks, honestly.
  5. This. Also please DE, i built the Shadow for heavy attacks. I'd like to use them. They still bug out and become unusable every mission when they feel like it.
  6. What is this meme about formas? You just need to slap a polarity on the frame and it can already do Steel Path easily, no forma needed. Also no DE, Consume's hitbox sucks. Can dash however you want but at least make the attack hit.
  7. I have 0 issues because his shields are so low that 99% hits hit his health, meaning that unless it's infested enemies, i always have energy.
  8. I didn't. You clearly did. Corpus Railjack is 95% Warframe and 5% Archwing/Railjack. Meaning that for 95% they are identical to every other piece of content in the game. How can you expect me to believe your statements if these missions are the same as everything else but a 30 second archwing flight is enough to make you not like an entire mode?
  9. It looks like you hate the game period. "New railjack content" is 95% played as every other mission in the game. Your Railjack only carries you from point A to point B and maybe just maybe shoots down a crewship. People are even complaining that the Railjack is not used enough considering the Grineer missions actually make you fight the ships with it while the new ones don't have it as objective. If you don't like how the rest of the game plays, why are you even playing?
  10. What happens, exactly? A worthless enemy that steals 0.00000000000000000000000000001% of a single planet's rewards? Anyone is supposed to be threathened by that?
  11. So if i'm reading this correctly the frame that was supposed to release early/mid March got pushed to mid/end of April/May instead? That's amazing.
  12. Since when did deluxes fit ANY theme that is in the game? I don't see how a plate armored huge dude like Rhino has anything to do with a Japanese/Indian mix JRPG-boss looking dude like Palatine.
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