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  1. Drop Fleeting Expertise, you don't need that much efficiency if you instead put Rage or Hunter Adrenaline in there. With Grendel's bad shields they are basically always active and you always have infinite energy as long as you are in combat.
  2. Certainly not more than 10, if you don't care about stabbing it for 30 seconds you and it has a weapon you want but you ignore it, it should disappear to not further distract the player.
  3. Yeah no, i agree with some of the people here. To me the firing range on Grasp of Lohk is the only issue i have with Xaku. One of the users suggested to make the range higher like the steal one. "Turret" yes but like another one said make so that the range we have now is when you're standing in place and the augmented one is when you're shooting at stuff. The whole thing doesn't even make sense considering the frame released before it was the freaking Engineer frame with floating turrets.
  4. Are you talking about your posts and thread here? Because it seems that way, i only read "but what if" this "but what if that" coming from you, no actual things that a human being would do, like NOT PAUSING THE GAME, or CHECKING ELEMENT BEFORE DOING THE MISSION OR KILLING THE LARVLING. The doorbell? You go answer it before even killing the poor thing, if it rings after you killed it you stab it or pause the game. Not having the weapons the very larvling you meet has? A new player doing its first one? They don't wait, they stab it and think about it later. I don't know why you dismiss the other
  5. The only way it can happen to a new player is if he completely ignored the downed larvling at all without even looking at the weapon it carries, meaning he didn't care at all. There's a reason why they changed how you create them so many times, because that's what players did. They would stab it so fast it wouldn't even have the time to kneel. It can't happen to older players period. If they do the mission a few times to get the element and weapon they are searching specifically, it means they have to redo the mission. And if they redo the mission they already know or experienced the larvling
  6. In the Grineer Galleon tileset, in the "three floor room" that connects the upper parts of the level to the lower parts, if you do a slam attack in the "floor" sections the effects go crazy and become giant black boxes. This started happening with the Deimos update. https://imgur.com/Hg5Uf3J room https://imgur.com/y0ZQ0J9 after a slam attack
  7. It's a bad feature because "my warframe was dying"? Something you can completely circumvent by using your Operator? With the game offering you an invincibility stab for a few more seconds of control? Even caring about dying in a non-Arbitration mission? A thing added for players requested by players being bad because you do the exact opposite thing? What? What?
  8. Yeah, this. What do i need Nightwave for if 7 minutes for 3 alerts give me resources like "15000 credits" "150 endo" "20 void traces"? Real ton of resources and stuff right here. And how to forget the "5 Synthula", whatever those things are.
  9. This, nice idea. Though don't pay this person. The Void is adaptive. So it should adapt. For those asking for eidolons, give up. Frames choices are already limited for them, that way you make the entire existence of operators completely pointless since that's the only content they're used in. DE ain't gonna drop that.
  10. Are we sure of that? I don't think Xaku's launch state was worse than Hydroid. @IamLoco learn to read before posting. You can do all the builds you want for it with 1 or 2 formas, those with 6 are just people testing every possible thing.
  11. Honestly i don't think Octavia needs either a heal or an attack speed buff. Smite is good and doesn't need any augment to do its job. Just to be out there i would suggest Fire Blast, gives you some sort of panic button in the case you aren't invisible, is a good AoE and even reduces enemy armor. If you put the augment it's a quick healing too
  12. He is partially right for the fact that between a season and an intermission there is a "pause" that is usually one week long if not more. During this you can't gain creds. It doesn't really affect anyone but newbies, but they find themselves without any catalysts, reactor, nitain and so on for a while, which is bad.
  13. As far as i understand that is misunderstood. Bounties are divided in common, uncommon and rare rewards. And these rewards are also divided in common, uncommon and rare. Scintillant is a rare common, if you understand what i'm saying.
  14. Agreed. Critical thinking? Planning? Brain using? I don't want anything on that. Just let me put what i want where i want, the game isn't easy enough.
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