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  1. Catching up with season 2, duh? You could ignore it for 9 weeks then do them all in 1 day with this mechanic.
  2. Yes, as bl1te said the Redeemer Prime does not use impact so it doesn't aqctivate Shattering Impact. But the Sarpa does and strips it very quickly. Now, i only use Titania and her Dex Pixia to kill it and Lephantis, but before i started doing that i always used the Tiberon Prime.
  3. ....and in the same time with a mediocre group you can do 6 Profit-Takers, which will give you about 750000, amongst other resources and possibly a rare sigil.
  4. And why would they do that when they make you able to get 8000 standing in a single minute by firing a rifle 1 time?
  5. So why would you expect something that you couldn't possibly know? If you didn't watch them you couldn't know about her specific walk cycles. Something doesn't add up.
  6. Happens sometimes for some reason. Can also happen to the Profit Taker and the Exploiter Orb. Enemies such as Hyenas will keep attacking your pet even in Fortuna.
  7. Yeah wtf it's almost like they said almost immediately that it would be in the shop in the second season of Nightwave.
  8. Pretty sure that there's an option in...the options, that swaps that.
  9. I don't know if you were joking when you talked about Inaros, which has literally one good ability which is his 4, the 1 is just passable while 3 is crap and 2 doesn't even function over level 30 enemies. Everything Inaros is amazing except for his abilities. Why do you complain about stationary yet mention Nidus which ultimate is in a single place and his 3 has limited range that forces you to remain near it?
  10. How can you even deny her having infinite energy? Shields recharge by themselves automatically, for all frames. She uses shields as energy. Thus she has infinite energy while others have to use pizzas, or run Energy Siphon, or use Zenurik Energizing Dash to SLOWLY replenish their energy. It takes what? 3 or so minutes for a Primed Flow Energy Siphon Ivara to replenish her whole energy by just using Energizing Dash? If it was at its minimum or even broken you stay out of combat with Hildryn for 3-4 seconds and her "energy" is already full again. You're "screwed" only if you keep playing low level content. At high level missions enemies have so much shield and armor that the gain is still good even with 4 Corrosive Projection. Dismiss this as i've completely misunderstood this part, sorry. It's weird but she fares better in Sorties and whatnot than in starchart missions. And regardless you can just hide one second to regain your whole shield, it's not like that Mag you spoke of can tank anything either Overshields or not, Hildryn can just stay there like Rhino, Chroma and a few others while the others have to keep bullet jumping or they're dead. I don't really like that she has no protection against Infested, but on the other hand they are the absolutely easiest and worst faction in the game with only Ancients(mainly Toxin, and not only to her but to everyone). and the 2 Juggernauts being actual threats.
  11. I don't understand the need for Aegis Storm to have Shield Pillage available, do people realize that she's already the only frame with infinite energy unmodded? Making Balefire explosion bigger and amp its stats up a little, make abilities not require LoS and function with different elevations, making Haven less useless by doing actual damage or actually applying Radiation, those are all good things that need to happen, as should Aegis Storm function like Titania's 4(meaning that you don't care about having ground under you) and giving it an actually decent stomp animation, but making it infinite flight is stupid. @000l000 You do realize Aviator exists right? The no shield scenario complaint makes no sense because people have no problem running those missions with low health frames like Mag which defensive abilities don't work in this particular scenario. Not mentioning that using bugs as a point is dumb, she can cast her 1 and she can also use her 3 you know.
  12. I don't understand this "i can't find a squad, need a specific function for it" Exploiter Orb meme? The damn Recruiting chat exists for that reason. This glitchy Balefire not working stuff has been going too much though. 7+ hours and still no fix? Seriously?
  13. Either i'm dumb and it stops doing it as it levels up as you add range mods, or Baruuk's 1 doesn't make him vibrate anymore after these last hotfixes.
  14. I just wonder why, after this hotfix, Revenant's 4 now makes the whole game stutter for a second when started. It didn't happen before and happens even on empty, small maps such as the Captura ones.
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