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  1. You can't "inadvertently do that", so there's no need to. The news console, present at all times in the spot where the player spends 90% of its ship-stay time, told you at all times when Nightwave would have ended. No need for any timer.
  2. All my issues with Lavos have to do with his Transmutation Probe: 1)It doesn't last long enough to either do damage or go through a corridor of enemies. 3 Seconds is nothing and directly influences my next point. 2)Even at high range, the travel distance is shorter than it needs to be. I won't say double it, but it definitely needs way more so maybe it's the best idea. Also it shouldn't be stopped by enemies, while surfaces and objects doing it is fine. 3)Sometimes it feel like it doesn't reduce anything at all. Maybe it's a bug, i dunno. After 3 forma of Lavos i tested this in
  3. I don't share the complaints even one bit. Excluding the fact that i love when games let you pilot mechs, i just see Necramechs simply as another Warframe. To me Heart of Deimos released with 2 frames, Xaku and Voidrig, with the only difference one has all the freedom and movement in the world and the other is a bombing turret on legs. I don't really see the problem people have with them(even for the lore, i don't see how it's an issue. Hello? Sentients ADAPT. That's their thing. It's why they absolutely can't contrast the previously useless mechs, because the previously useless mechs weren't
  4. Why would i waste precious Ironbride mod slots with those mods when i can put them just fine on the mech which has like 3 slots worth of "free space"?
  5. Nowhere, but it doesn't matter because as soon as you finish TWW you aren't "a new player" anymore and most importantly all things that make liches easy to beat are available with its completition, not to mention lv1 liches are completely harmless both in combat and as thieves. Also the other "confirm screens" people are requesting to add...those would be useless. "i accidentally created a lich" "how? it tells you to confirm it" "lmao i just skipped that screen i didn't know what it meant and just typed it" and so on. That said this thread has plenty of people not reading OP's post about
  6. Use your Voidrig Necramech. "But i don't have it". Then build it. "But i need Necramech parts". Then buy them for players, a whole set is 10 plat. "But i need Orokin Matrixes to level up the syndicate" then stop playing a multiplayer game solo when you are clearly too underpowered to do so. Also Glaives are relatively ok in fighting them provided you keep your distance at all times.
  7. Use Voidrig, press 2, press 4, hold left click 3-4 seconds, enemy mech dead.
  8. .....or just use the function they already have integrated in the game, where you can resummon them at will unless they are destroyed in which case you must wait. Would be annoying to have to get out of it every time? Yes. It is also a super easy way to integrate them? Yes. Plus usually they can get into doors just fine just by dashing through them...
  9. If only there were placeable items that tell you where things are at all times...
  10. Yes, they borked it. What you see is actually the Shield Bash attack being played. That's also why it drains energy. Bonewidow is basically unusable now.
  11. Every hotfix Bonewidow gets a buff and every hotfix she gets a bug that makes her worse. Now Ironbride costs energy PER SWING and it only ever does the first hit of the combo., the combo doesn't exist anymore. It's as if every attack is the shield bash.
  12. No. They gave it twice and will give it with Baro in the future. You just had to watch a stream, or more precisely leave a tab running with a stream open. And as other people said they announced it way in advance. There's no real excuse.
  13. Why is this still not fixed? It's been a day by now.
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