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  1. Octavia is one of the most versatile frames but is also the most painfully boring frame.
  2. No its not!Not at all. -375 On the Market. Thers only 2 Mechs atm. Now, as a new player i want to borrow a fully moded warframe,arcanes included, to not be dead weight in ESO/EidoHunt/PT,etc... Warframes are a huge comittment to acquire and with 45 options it's hard to tell which you would prefer... and thers is no rent-a-frame in the entire game...
  3. Yeah the surveys went up your head. Very nice of you doing them tho, I appreciated. How can you said she has problems if you don't play her ?Psychic bolts strips 100% armor and disables infested auras without interruption and effort. Nyx it's fine, it can't be fixed becouse it's not broken. She has CC, damage, buffs and debuff abilities, also the best fashion indeed.
  4. Yesterday you had difficulties completing orphix on Venus with the standard mechs, in your opinion they shouldn't be required to complete railjack nodes. Today railjack it's to easy to a point you can afk to get mods and wreckage... People are awesome!
  5. Its been like this scince 2017. Once a player finds a medallion, it stays highlighted until all other players pick it up. I do syndicates mostly public, and got matched with other players, always. No idea where "the least played mission type in the game" came from... It should be 18 missions, 3 for each faction.
  6. What do you need to craft that is essential to progess in the game that requires nitain? Any game mode? Any quest? Can't craft anything else that doesn't require nitain? Today,the game will have gift of the lotus alert,I'm sure it will contain nitain as reward. Patience, tenno. You don't need to have everything yesterday.
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