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  1. While I appreciate this thread getting boosted to the front page every so often, I think it's about time for things to get back on track lol
  2. The way they used the exact same "void stomach" term and the same mouth on the abdomen, it 100% came from yours. So I mean, on the one hand, congratulations on getting your frame in the game, but on the other hand, I'm sure it sucks to not get any kind of shout-out for it. It'd be nice if we could get enough attention on this to force DE to acknowledge your work in some way, but idk. You should still have access to the post even though it's archived to everyone else right? Get some screenshots to prove your case.
  3. Found this thread while trying to find that concept again. I know the one you're talking about. It was literally called "Oni the Gluttonous" and used the same "Void Stomach" term that they used in the stream. His art had the same mouth on the abdomen and everything. The original thread seems to have been removed or something, it's not showing up in any searches. Maybe they bought the concept and art from him or something and removed his post? Idk. While getting a concept from the forums into the game is cool and exciting, it also is very disheartening when DE doesn't even acknowledge that it was the work of a fan. I mean, just give a shout-out on the devstream or something. Just show that their work is appreciated and not being outright plagiarized.
  4. Bump. Gotta say, it sucked seeing DE rip a fan-concept from the forums here and not even mention where it came from. And the original post for Oni the Gluttonous seems to have disappeared strangely enough. Look, I'm not saying we do this for the attention. But it does sting when ideas we worked on for so long are taken without any sort of recognition of the work that went into it. Who knows, maybe Oni's creator got some private message or some Platinum or something from DE behind the scenes, but certainly nothing was acknowledged during the initial announcement on the devstream. I want to see Havoc or something similar make it into the game, but give us a little nod so we know that our work is appreciated and acknowledged. Doubt anyone at DE will see this but felt like I needed to say something on this.
  5. Bump. Haven't forgotten about this post. I will be updating when I get a chance. For a while I was afraid Hildryn was going to fill the niche I had planned for Havoc but after playing her, I'd say she serves a different role and Havoc would still be a worthwhile addition to the roster.
  6. Yeah I know that readers get intimidated by walls of text. I try to hook the audience with a brief concise description of the theme then expand on it further in the post. It will probably be a separate post and I'll just put links to it here and links to havoc there.
  7. Part of my continued work on Havoc involves revamping his lore and writing up a way of aquiring him. This led to an idea for a new open world location and mechanics as well as new factions. Anyone following this thread, would you rather such work be posted as a new thread or just added to this one? I know large megaposts like The Legion Of Tau are popular but I can also see it getting a bit out of hand. Thoughts?
  8. Thank you for continued interest in this concept! I have some new ideas I'm working with to try and further streamline some of these mechanics. Will update the post when they're ready.
  9. Update: Finally got around to doing an actual update, Scrap mechanic has been updated so it functions more passively and isn't a hassle. The ways that abilities use scrap has been updated. Third ability has been changed and added some stats. Imgur linked artwork seems to be properly working again now.
  10. Yes it's a problem with imgur. Was hoping it would sort itself out but I'll probably need to find another image hosting site
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