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  1. I think we needs bosses that are agile. For example, Stalker should bullet jump and when he is los health, he tries to hide in the shadows and snipe you with his bow..
  2. Both for larger sized enemies like Eidolons and smaller humanoid enemies?
  3. Is it me or does the body colour seem different to what he have? He also looks slimmer.
  4. Steve is mostly likely in the phase where you know you haven't done something in a while then when you are working on that thing, you just want to keep working on it. I think hopefully they have learn their lesson in not finishing the script for a quest after months the teaser was released...
  5. In the Periscope of DE Steve (when they were trying to launch it), he said that the next quest was being worked.
  6. would have been much cooler if we had to sacrifice something instead of the plot we got
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