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  1. I know the vast majority of the thousands of platinum I've spent playing all these years has been spent 35p at a time so I can keep up with the demands of my addiction.
  2. Now do the same thing for all the other RJ gear and Kuva Weapons and we'd really be getting back to rewards feeling rewarding.
  3. Por que no los dos? Seriously, the people doing engine improvements/optimizations aren't the people working on new content. We can have have both, and as I said before, they've improved the engine in the past and are likely to continue doing so. I'm not even advocating they add real time ray tracing, just saying it could happen, has a user base, and that the user base will do nothing but grow as time goes on.
  4. Only the people who work on Warframes engine could really say how hard it would be to implement, so you are just making assumptions, and DE has updated the graphics of Warframes engine many times, and I expect will continue to do so. As for the single video card company thing, you aren't wrong, but when you consider market share it's a dishonest argument, and it gets even more obtuse when you consider that the majority of AMD's market share is on the lower performance end. Also, the next gen RDNA 2.0 video cards from AMD are going to support real time ray tracing, and with the reportedly massive performance improvements to go along with that new feature the price point for these features should drop considerably as Nvidia and AMD compete for the higher end enthusiast market. So, yeah, it may a little bit early to be worrying about implementing that feature, but that doesn't mean it would be wasted, as the player base capable of using it will do nothing but increase as time goes on.
  5. Instead of buffing it, they could finally do something about the self damage on launchers as a whole like the player base has requested for years. Seriously, the tiny ammo cap is a downside enough, and no, the stupid Band-aid mod isn't good enough, a well built launcher will still instakill most non tank/invulnerable frames with it equipped.
  6. Slow down Warframe and you kill Warframe. Period.
  7. I mean, unless they make archwing weapons, including melee, actually do viable damage against railjack enemies it's kind of a moot point.
  8. As a forma addict, I loved the new exilus slots, but the mods I actually make use of are still very limited. I've been dropping flight speed on projectile weapons and shotguns, a few of the augments that are allowed, and -recoil on piranha prime, but that's pretty much it. I suppose I could have used the ammo mutation/crit primary set mod on bullet hoses and launchers, but I'd honestly rather use carrier and flight speed or -recoil. That said I'm fine with them being what they are, with the exception of the beam weapon range mods not being there. I'd REALLY like to see those added to the pool, and can't see any reason not too in light of flight speed being included.
  9. I agree 100%. RNG stats are the opposite of what made me fall in love with Warframe. If hating this kind of content because I feel compelled to try and get max rolls somehow makes me an outlier and a weirdo, then I guess that's what I am.
  10. I've said it once and I'll say it again. They waited to let people skin melee zaws until they had rebalanced everything and made them inferior to high end/prime melee weapons, so now you just need to wait for a balance pass to do the same thing to kitguns. Once they're no longer worth using they'll let us skin them as much as we want.
  11. I'd agree that solo is a different beast, and yes, there are cases solo or not where it doesn't matter much. As an example, Saryn can basically strip armor off everything in the map with spores at ranges that mean by the time you see an enemy their health bars will be red already. All I'm saying is, if you have to pick a single, multi purpose aura to equip while say, trying to spam random relics in public fissure missions as quickly as possible, then CP is a very good choice, and if you luck out and get another couple CP in your random squad, you're going to get a massive, across the board buff to the damage of your entire team against most targets that would take any noticable amount of time to dispatch. The other choices? Not so much. The melee auras do nothing for 3/4s of your team if you are the only one focusing on melee. Same for the other specific damage amp types, Power strength only benefits the members of your team making use of abilities that benefit from it, etc. I'm not telling anyone how to play the game, I'm just saying I can't think of a more universally useful aura than corrosive projection. Some of you all strongly disagree with me, and that's fine. I'm not going to make an issue out of it with anyone in game. I guess my real point is that while there might be other "right" choices, CP isn't ever really a wrong choice once you get past the first few planets.
  12. At level 30 a heavy gunner is already at 75% damage mitigation. You can equip 4 x cp and ignore that, or you can take the extra time to strip it or brute force them down. That's important to you, or it isn't. The fact that it primarily affects TTK on heavy units isn't really a detraction when they will be the highest TTK you have to deal with.
  13. If I can do it easily without CP, then I can do it even faster with it. I never claimed it was needed, I specifically said that it wasn't needed in fact, but if you are aiming to maximize your productivity by killing as many enemies in as little time as possible, or running as many missions over and over again as possible, then needing it isn't the point. That's like arguing you don't need a car to get a couple of miles across town. Sure you don't, but that doesn't mean it's not faster with one, and, in a grindy game where repetition is the path to acquiring things, faster is better. So this whole "you don't need it" argument is ridiculous and tedious. Yes, you can do the content without it. Yes, you can mitigate armor in other ways. No, none of the other options have the same generic utility and ability to speed up the clearing of content. You don't have to like that, you are free not to use it, and you don't have to like or play with people who insist on it, but just pretending it isn't true is dishonest.
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