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  1. I think they're very clear on how much many of us hate these nightwave challenges after the first go round, but yeah, say it again, just to be sure.
  2. Sounds basically identical to the fire augment for the Ogris. A neat gimmick held back by poor implementation.
  3. I'd just like there to be enough challenges available that I can have some shot of hitting the last tier rewards even though I don't always get to play much/at all during the week. I missed quite a few last week since I didn't get a chance to work on it until Sunday. Looking at what's available this week, it's starting to look like I'm just going to have no chance of reaching any of the rewards tiers that interest me. As for 60-minute survivals... I mean, that's a big chunk taken out of my weekend playtime, but I'd feel a lot less awful about it if something like that offered a massive chunk of standing instead of 5k, and weren't so easily trolled. I think 60-minute requirement would have been more than enough without the no life support requirement. Not because the no life support requirement makes it so much harder, but just to stop malicious players from running over and activating life support at the 59-minute mark. Not to mention the horror stories of folks hitting them by accident because of the shared purpose on the context key. And the friend requirement is just stupid, it should go away completely but at a minimum at least expand it to include alliance members so I'm not filling up my friends list with random folks from recruiting just to tick a box.
  4. Hi, this is me right here. I'm cracking. I work a full-time job and live on a rural property with lots of upkeep. I have days where I'm lucky to have enough energy and time left to log in and grab my daily before crashing into bed so I can do it all over again tomorrow during the week. I'd love to get me that armor set and an Umbral Forma, but it is looking like I'm going to end up so far behind that it's never going to happen. It's making me question if I should even bother pursuing Nightwave objectives at all since chances are I'll end up not having access tot he only rewards I care about. Doesn't feel good.
  5. Literally a non-issue for anyone who isn't getting their fee-fees hurt by not being allowed to be offensive and toxic in general chat. I mean, if you are just taking an idealistic stance because you don't agree with their politics then that's fine I guess, but stop pretending there is some massive problem with over moderation and just admit that you find the rules distasteful.
  6. Am I the only one that kind of takes joy in the idea of people who get offended by the gender lock? I hope DE never folds or flexes on their stance. I just find it such a ridiculous, and juvenile thing to get upset about. "I'd like to play Ember, but she's a girl, and girls have cooties!"
  7. Super happy to see this is still in development. Broke all desire to farm relics for me when it stopped working.
  8. Here, this might help you some, blatantly cut and pasted from a reddit post by heluvahell go to Users \ YourUsername \ AppData \ Local \ Warframe (AppData folder and it's contents are hidden files, so make sure to check them for visibility first); find EE.cfg file and open it with any text editor; find Graphics.ResolutionScale line and set the parameter to any below 0.5 (like 0.3 or 0.4), save and close. The image will be S#&$ty pixelated, yes, but if you had, for instance, DR set to 50% and anti-aliasing checked off, try going for 35-40% with FXAA on instead. That should increase your FPS with tolerable damage to the image.
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