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  1. Ranked him up, dropped a forma or two, my thoughts. I really want to like him, aesthetics and theme are very nice, but he reminds me of the original Saryn rework where all her abilities were so over synergised that nobody wanted to use her. The double resource thing doesn't feel good, at least, not with having abilities drain both battery and energy. One or the other would be fine. My personal wish list of changes: I'd have 1 build battery much faster in the held down state and increase collision damage with enemies scaled by speed. His 2 is okay, but the cost per hit seems too high and I'd remove energy cost. At around 5% battery drain per hit and reliable energy gain this becomes a way to spend battery and gain energy rather than juggling two resources for a single ability. I'd at least increase the range of his 3 by 50%-100%. In cold mode I'd make the battery gain based on the number of enemies hit. I'd remove the energy cost entirely from the fire version leaving only the battery cost and increase the maximum armor stripping to 100% based on power strength. This gives him a way to build battery very quickly at the expense of energy, but only with proper positioning, as well as removing the need to juggle two resource types for his fire blast. You'd still need to juggle them for his blast combo, but at least doing so would reward you appropriately with the increased armor stripping. All the previous changes would basically negate the only problem with his 4, which is how unfun charging it to 100% feels.
  2. These are definitely bugged.
  3. I love my hammer zaw, but I'd love it more if they would fix this.
  4. Some of us built and invested a catalyst in gaze kitguns before we figured out that the range mod we expected to use wouldn't work. Yes, in hindsight, I might have built it differently, but I still am hoping they'll make it work so I didn't waste a catalyst.
  5. This has been a problem for a while, was really hoping to see it in the patch notes with all the fixes today, but no such luck.
  6. I'd settle for even being able to put it in a command line option and save it that way. My PC is secure, I'm not worried about anyone using my personal shortcut to access my account.
  7. Sounds great and all, but I can count the augments I use regularly on one hand with fingers to spare, and I don't see any thing here to change that. Short of removing the point cost from augments and adding a dedicated augments slot, these are all left in the same space as all the exilus mods were before they had a dedicated slot. Of course, you devalued them again by adding the drift mods, but that's a whole other can of worms.
  8. Literally a non-issue for anyone who isn't getting their fee-fees hurt by not being allowed to be offensive and toxic in general chat. I mean, if you are just taking an idealistic stance because you don't agree with their politics then that's fine I guess, but stop pretending there is some massive problem with over moderation and just admit that you find the rules distasteful.
  9. Here, this might help you some, blatantly cut and pasted from a reddit post by heluvahell go to Users \ YourUsername \ AppData \ Local \ Warframe (AppData folder and it's contents are hidden files, so make sure to check them for visibility first); find EE.cfg file and open it with any text editor; find Graphics.ResolutionScale line and set the parameter to any below 0.5 (like 0.3 or 0.4), save and close. The image will be S#&$ty pixelated, yes, but if you had, for instance, DR set to 50% and anti-aliasing checked off, try going for 35-40% with FXAA on instead. That should increase your FPS with tolerable damage to the image.
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