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  1. Just add it to the market after his access ends in about 2 months and 10 days to make way for ivara since you just had to give mesa an extra 26 days till her access ended you need to give us ivara sooner now to make up for this so atlas will be about 26 or 30 days shorter to compensate for the extended mesa prime access
  2. Yep 2pm eastern but I won't be on I'll be off after 12:45 pm for a dentist appointment and I'll be severely disappointed if they dont get proper buffs that dont just increase sprint armor cc and damage for deth machine and tekko they are always going to be bad without a really buff similar to gram prime to revive them especially deth machine I mean come on de wyrm prime has the best rifle for sentinels if you like high fire rate even with next to no accuracy
  3. Yeah with no way to buy anything now that I'm rank 60 with the night wave shop void of everything except nitain vauban parts and the 2 potatoes
  4. First off will melee 3.0 affect blood rush since combo multiplier will only benefit charged or will it function as it does right now
  5. And atlas after all his prime drops Tuesday at 2pm est
  6. Where's our infested greatsword you said we would get we didn't want a skin for tatsu because you made it horrible it either needs all its stats buffed alot or give us a crit and status 2 handed nikana with over 120 base damage but we want a crit and status infested greatsword like you said we would get an infested one but we have yet to get anything but constant trash melee you really screwed up by making him drop another infested glaive and not a greatsword
  7. I think I'll just stick to disruption because it rewards per round on consoles already but you need to defend 8 to extract
  8. I second this but de needs to potentially change the arcane from that trash to grace energize barrier guardian and fury with a new unique aura only equitable once you use an aura forma that gives + 30% power strength and + 90% melee damage with a capacity of 11 or 12 maxed
  9. Please hurry up de could you possibly launch it the day it passes like today and not tomorrow we just can't wait the extra day we want gauss today but we understand if your not able to please all console players
  10. They said it would be twice as often so basically it's the same 1 round of interceptions 5 waves of defense 5 of survival 1 round of salvage and 1 minute 40 seconds per excavator and so on but you get twice as many rewards in the original times of it
  11. I just want the base kuva from the demo drops to be 100-150 and not 50 forcing you to rely on a booster since survival has more kuva per minute still until you get into the later rounds on disruption but I'm all set to buy the gauss collection
  12. I dont want to see these aura mods under 10 capacity because only 2 give 9 and 1 sacrifices power strength
  13. Please hurry up and give us the update in cert and end wukong prime before next week its past time for our third since you gave mesa almost 4 months and screwed everything up and set us up to only get 3 new prime access this year
  14. Does it mean we get it potentially this Friday or Monday if you get it to cert today
  15. I do hope you make kuva disruption worth doing more then the equally unrewarding kuva survival both have so little kuva that siphons and floods will always give more in less the time by 300% and 600%
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