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  1. That is an fantastic idea, hope DE sees this post before Rebbeca does.
  2. I agree, Revenant is a very good Warframe, even in endgame missions where the enemies have lv120 or more. But there is one thing that Revenant lacks: Lore-related abilities.
  3. I agree, the only ability in Revenant that is Eidolon-Related is Reave, because is a big Vommalyst dash, Dance Macabre is acceptable because it copies the battalyst long-range attack, making it sentinent-related. But the rest...came probably from the Man in the Wall or something else, because they have NOTHING similar to eidolons, vommalysts or sentinents.
  4. Nice to know, by the way, is it possible to increase the delay?
  5. Hello everyone, I want to discuss with you all about changing Revenant's base status. First, we need to remember what is a eidolon: A giant titan, with powerful shields, a ton of health, and decent armor. Now let's take a look at Revenant: 300 health 675 shield 125 armor Based on the eidolons, Revenant should have statuses similar to them. Shields are acceptable, they are big. Armor is very small, but considering the eidolon, that is acceptable too. Health is terrible, an eidolon have tons of health, so 300 health at lv 30 is just crazy. But t
  6. This happened to me today 2 times, i am a PC player, was in a orokin defense.
  7. I was researching about this recently, tell me, does Octavia's resonator atracts the Necramech's attention even when you are visible? I could use it as a decoy while destroying the necramech from behind. Man, we need to see if other abilities work on those creepy mechs.
  8. Close to the Nekralist during blue worm, i found 3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f7zkwymo3xPIY78VZtuXymNMiP9RSoKL/view?usp=sharing
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