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  1. As a console player i'd say new UI is bugged, sluggish, unfinished mess. DE updating UI since ... mid 2018? Speaking for consoles only, dunno ab pc.
  2. People asking DE to delay update for consoles until PC build gets quality of life update... you know ... asking for years. Also it would be great if all consoles receive update at same time.
  3. Danielle, L1/L2 n R1/R2 button swap for RJ when?
  4. I've been trying to get that ephemera for 3 weeks non-stop - found 7 rare containers with 4 different captura scenes and 2 dupes, and 1 endo drop. Couldnt save all 4 captura scenes because of crewship's broken spawn. Very upset. Like Stealth_Cobra said, i would like to get update with reactor changes too, nobody wants to farm reactor w useless stats even if they will be updated in future.
  5. "New matchmaking for eastern europe" Had no issues, now i cant join public maroo bazaar or dojo, its loading to solo server.
  6. Wow, finally consoles got major update b4 christmas. Thanks, DE. Is anyone knows if performance improved?
  7. 5 mins ago i made 2 runs on cassini, i had screen effect, had message from kuva guardian, but no larvling or whatever its called. Why this update even pushed? Is it because of lich trade or it is includes ivara prime? Tbh hoped for dry dock, now i do believe we wont get dry dock until late of December or even worse. DE, you guys asking for help with performance issues? Game is overheating base ps4 while player on orbiter and whenever use mod collection terminal base ps4 becomes extremely loud, ps4 pro gets very loud too, but not as much as base ps4. Same happens on Earth defense. Display settings almost makes no difference. Asked few friends, they have almost same experience. Have any of you even tried to play this game on ps4 since earth tileset rework? On top of that every single time game is streaming something we see stutters, opening arsenal (on base ps4 even opening attachments leads to stutters), relics refinement, codex ... mod collection is worse. Also any lich spawn in session with other players and few other instances, its very noticeable on both ps4 and ps4 pro. I tried 240gb ssd and it didnt help. On ps4 pro its better, but still its not acceptable. Entire interface including submenus must be responsive and not a sluggish nightmare like it is now.
  8. Stutters are insane after old blood update, frozen screen for 2-7 seconds. Want use arsenal? Enjoy frozen screen for 5-7 seconds, link any item in any chat? 2-3 seconds and etc And its just orbiter. Visual settings on/off makes no difference. Before update stutters were presented too, but it was barely noticeable. Since Jupiter update its getting worse every single update. I do understand DE were hurry with this update and consoles are getting older sure, but these stutters.. ugh.
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