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  1. #1680115 - Lost Little Kuakas - PoE Conservation Pathing error.
  2. Hardly the first person in this thread to ask: When is Phobos going to get an actual boss? The Sergeant is effectively just a Corpus Target...
  3. Not 100% sure if this is a bug, but I assume I am not the unluckiest person alive... Issue: The Map Generation code for several tilesets can fail to place any scannable plants on a map. Observations: Corpus Outpost Tileset impacted including Dark sector variant. 3/4 of missions I ran had 0 Frostleaf spawns, last mission had ~30 spawns. (1 Exterminate, 3 Excavation) Orokin Moon Tileset impacted. 2/4 of Plato runs I ran had 0 Lunar Pitcher spawns, one of the working spawn missions has ~20 Lunar Pitcher spawns. Grineer Forest Tileset does not appear to be impacted I can find no common factor in the missions where 0 plants spawned and where a normal amount of plants spawned. All observations as session host. Glancing through the EE.log nothing was obviously wrong, but if you want I have a saved copy of an EE.log with one of the impacted Orokin Moon missions, just let me know and I will send it in.
  4. #1666103 - Mysterious black object in Orokin Moon hallway
  5. What is happening with the three incursion mods? Are they just going to be a drop from the bounty assassination targets now? The drop rate was terrible as is but this is just making it worse.
  6. *Sigh*... Why is this a thing? This isn't a push for reforms, this is an all out war between a particular subset of the player base and the Moderation team. The Moderation team, like any other moderation team, isn't perfect, and may have slighted some people, but this response is hardly proportional. And when you dig to the center of this issue, where does it seem to lead back to? Politics and Social issues that players refuse to leave outside the game. Is it really worth tearing apart the generally friendly community we had, for some blasphemous Nezha meme? As players, work with DE to de-escalate this conflict, don't push this to the point where the only option remaining is complete annihilation for one or both sides. Rather than crying for blood, try making realistic suggestions for improving the moderation system going forward ('Remove everyone' and 'Police all online presence' are both excessive and impractical to implement.) Its easy to demand a better system, actually making said system is incredibly difficult, so try being part of the solution not the problem. If you really must discuss these... Contentious topics, the Internet is a large place, with numerous locations that welcome such discussion. As for the Moderation team's side, I can say that I don't envy your position having seen this mess happen again and again back during the better part of a decade I was a volunteer moderator in an MMORPG and helped run a fansite. The best I can say is try opening a dialogue by asking the players directly for suggestions on ways to improve the moderator system as it is and improve recruitment procedures, to make it obvious that you are trying to improve things. Should that fail, perhaps the only option on the table is an end to Region chat as we know it... Replace it with a Help chat specifically for game-play topics, and if you really want to maintain Region, make it an opt in experience or expand player access to the underlying IRC functions to allow topic based discussions to be split off into custom channels. Regardless, keep up the good work. Surely you all remember how this all began: Lets get out there and make Space Mom proud, after all... Ninjas Play Free
  7. #1442434 Bullet Jump out of moving Corpus Spy Vault G elevator #1442437 Invisible Floor over water in Grineer Shipyard Spawn 1
  8. Hmm... I would say that Nezha's proposed changes to 1,2, and 4 all seem perfectly reasonable, however at least personally I will probably stop using him altogether. The big issue is with the change from damage immunity to 90% damage reduction, Warding Halo is now basically a worse version of Gara's Shatter Storm that costs more energy getting Status Immunity as the trade off. My personal general complaint about the proposed state of things after these changes are, that across the board most of Nezha's abilities end up overshadowed by abilities that are either cheaper or just better to use. (Gara, Harrow, Excalibur, Loki, and Volt come to mind) If you really want to make Nezha remotely useful I would suggest the further changes: Warding Halo drops to 50 energy. It was hard to justify cost of the ability with it being 100% reduction, without it is even harder. Make Warding Halo castable on allies by default, ideally with 100% efficiency. As it is proposed Warding Halo is just a bad version of Shattering Storm, at least this change would bring the two abilities into line with each other. With the previously suggested Warding Halo change, Safeguard would no longer have any effect, So possibly change the effect such that Warding Halo once again prevents 100% of damage. As stated there are good reasons to reduce the ability to 90% reduction, but this way you are providing a way to maintain the previous idea of damage immunity as an Augment. Reduce the Cost of Divine Spears or increase its effect. As it stands it costs double Excalibur's Radial blind for an amount of damage which does not scale especially well late game, or overall it provides a less notable effect than Loki's Radial disarm.
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