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  1. +1, also having this issue. It is not related to dynamic resolution, or a driver update. This is *specific* to the Old Blood update. I am using the exact same drivers, GPU, OS build, etc as I was on previous updates. Somehow, the internal resolution of the game is not matching what it is set to, upon start-up. A quick dirty "solution" is to quickly toggle back and forth from any resolution to your desired one in settings, and click apply. This resolves the issue for the duration of the application's session, but it will arise again whenever it's restarted. I'd recommend people upvote this question so it gets resolved, or forward it if at possible so it gets addressed.
  2. +1, I have the exact same issue and I cannot find a solution. I figured it might've been a scaling issue, but it looks like something is internally rendering Warframe at a lower resolution until it is toggled back and forth to native. This corrects it, but it does not persist across logins. Each time I start the application, this bug occurs; I'd really like some sort of solution to this, I have not had any issue like this prior to The Old Blood update.
  3. Don’t usually comment on these, but I wanted to thank DE for the optimizations; my processor is the main bottleneck for this game, so it’s always appreciated when any overhead is eliminated by these fixes. Cant wait for the next mainline update, many thanks and much love!
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