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  1. That looks like anti-aliasing. Try playing with those settings?
  2. There is likely an email with a code somewhere in it, as that's where mine was. Put the code into either the game's promo code place or the browser promo code location. If you didnt get a code or it didn't get you anything, put a ticket in.
  3. Relics containing the latest prime warframe and weapons are almost always available in sanctuary onslaught. Radiant relics are dropped from elite sanctuary onslought. Sometimes they forget to change it for a day or 2 after a new prime access but they get to it.
  4. Hey, I'm curious about your graphics settings, do you have "depth of field" on? That may be the issue. If not, you can send a screenshot of your settings and I may be able to help more.
  5. Broframe is a small clan that is part of a large alliance. With the new event coming up, we are looking for new players to join in on the fun!
  6. Seperate boots and pants for operators when. I like this look
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