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  1. I really like some of the ideas outlined in OP's post. I would say that the awakening agent should be a BP that drops in the void drop tables. Maybe a specific one for each frame? (current drops are generally pretty bad in most missions aside from relics) the bp should require something like 50k Kuva to build, a forma, along with some stuff that fits the frame (like oxium for zephyr). This would make players desire to farm the void again, invest heavily in the awakening process, and go for specific frames.
  2. I agree with you alot on the melee attack speed thing actually. But with the upcoming changes to melee, I don't see the speed being a big issue because it seems less timing based. For movement: your idea would be really pretty great if every player didn't already have that ability. Personally the dash has less control and interactivity than running really fast. I think maybe like dropping a booster gate whose width increases with range. This would be a big difference from the single drop they had at one point for volt. Also making it so you can have up to 3 gates up so you can reca
  3. I saw the first thing I I thought someone would say about my argument and talked about that. I sincerely apologize for being a little harsh in the second part of my post. If you want to see a nice answer, read my post before my "condescending and absolutely toxic" post. The fact that this is all you have to say about it means that my point stands. Bye lol
  4. Like I said before, if you can't aim, or move properly with the buff, maybe you should try to practice doing those things by playing volt. I can understand being disoriented for about a second after it starts, but after that it's all good. "but why should I have to learn how to do something i want tk never affect me?" Well Timmy tenno, to get into this game you had to learn all sorts of systems including melee and movement! Not only that, but all sorts of frame abilities and how they work with each other! Learning how to play with speed or limbo's stasis in fact is part of learning
  5. If the sudden increase is what bothers you, why not suggest a speed ramp-up time and an increase to the base duration to balance out the loss of speed? Seems that this would fix the sudden change in speed problem. Also, I don't see why getting tripped up for a few seconds because of the sudden change is so detrimental that you want to go out of your way to change whether a buff will affect you before a mission. Seems like more time wasted with the opt out system.
  6. So, instead of asking for the game to conform to your likings, why not pick up volt, and put some strength and duration on him and get used to the movement speed for a while? I'm sure if you go and learn how to move during speed, you'll have less salt when a volt joins you.
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