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  1. So again the big thing of void storms has been completely looked over with the stupid explosions that crash the game and kill everything in sight so sevagoth is impossible to get so please please look into that issue cause I don't think 50 million explosions should be allowed
  2. So you guys didn't get rid of those explosions that happen in void storms those things that spawn 50 billion on one and will explode constantly and even crashing my game for it being so annoying and the fact it'll one shot everything and also durning the reactor part of railjack the markers screw up and doesn't show the active vent you need to destroy made me lose missions like I have ran into a ton of bugs and no one mentioned it at all also void storm level 5 likes to stay on ships permanently until you go back to the dry dock and it's so bad to the point you can't see please look into these issues as I really like the update but railjack is hard to play rn
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