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  1. No I don't think you do haha. I believe I made a very sound and logical argument why it should have been done sooner, and now that DE has active hands-on against Sentient with TNW behind the scenes, they realize that sensible idea themselves. I am just glad they made this change and not double-down on arbitrary reasons not to.
  2. Day 1: NIGHT Day 2: ORBITER Day 3: CREW Day 4: SISTER
  3. Thank you for the many fixes! I was hoping this could become a real feature instead. It seems quite limiting for her arsenal. Oh well...
  4. Any news on the 2nd two-handed nikana stance? they mentioned it many months ago but only once... and Geoff blamed the lack of animation progress on Rebb xD
  5. Very exciting! Looking forward to join this Friday
  6. I appreciate the changes. Thank you for looking into her movement system especially! The buffs are also nice to look at. However, she still lacks a fundamental design that many of the new frames have: direct synergy between her abilities. I've made a little list of ideas for how Sea Snares could be turned into a primer, and how it could work with other abilities. While I don't think it has to have every single thing, I think it's a good baseline to express what I have in mind. Her kit may look okay on its own, but it definitely lacks a certain punch that direct synergy may give.
  7. That was also how I pictured it years ago, until Proboscis Cernos came out, which does exactly as you said it does! I think it would be redundant to have two of the same type like that, and so I went with Jugulus' own attacks instead (the ground spires). Thanks!! XD
  8. Bear with me and my bad edits. It's just for quick visuals to express the concept without having to draw it.
  9. Probably in a later update. This one seems to focus more on fixes and minor changes. Yareli's update will probably require a longer revision.
  10. That's the thing though. When it comes to healing, all the other ones are clearly superior. The energy restore is so minimal and only beneficial if you have a LOW efficiency build because it scales on the amount of energy used. The energy restore is also affected by duration in a bad way, meaning that just to make that one power useful in a way, you need low duration and low efficiency build, which in itself makes it quite bad as a power when there's much better alternatives that doesn't require so much sacrifice. Giving it more of a linear scaling will make the power much more useful, both for yourself and your allies, without ever overshadowing the other powers like Gloom and EV. Right now, its "unique" aspect is just bringing it down in usefulness.
  11. Voracious Metastasis should have a more linear upgrade with Duration and Strength. Right now, if you have more duration, it actually gets worse because the healing goes slower. Can it be changed so that Strength increases healing\s instead of "total health healed"?
  12. Thanks for this hotfix! I assume fixes for Galvanized Status mods will be post-Tennocon?
  13. Thanks for confirming that something's going to be done! I know you guys are hands full with Tennocon, so hopefully that can be done afterward.
  14. About Yareli I have fun with her, so much I put an Umbral Forma on her. However, her kit needs to synergize more, to not just be fun, but be responsive & powerful when used together. Here's my proposed additions. Anything with synergy really. Sea Snares: enemies caught in it receives increased damage from elemental attacks, 2x if it's base elemental damage like Cold. Merulina: Give it innate special abilities (Boost splashes waves to stagger on her side; tail spin knockdowns ; ground pound (or landing tricks) causes small AoE Lifting status). All effects last longer if the enemies are caught in Sea Snares. Aquablades: Enemies caught in Sea Snares take increased damage and status chance from the blades. Riptide: Hold, allowing you to rapid-cast it (has a delay to prevent insta-cast) or to ensnare more enemies before releasing. Also, enemies caught in the Maestrom gets their status stacks doubled (stacks multiplier affected by Strength). Lastly, enemies caught in Sea Snares, no matter the range, will be pulled towards Riptide at rapid speed (if too far or blocked by obstacles, it may still not reach Riptide before the explosion) About Kompressa Any reason it has no special effects when wielded by Yareli? Also, why is it a status gun when Yareli's passive is a crit one? I think this can be arranged by adding a benefitial special effect as her Signature weapon, since her passive is useless for her own gun.
  15. I admit that some of my suggestion may be too much, but I doubt it's fair to discard all of them by just saying "I'm tired of it." I've already grinded 180 essence for all mods. However, there are many times I have to wait or go through a bore due to 1 mission per hour, compare to the variety found in Steel Path. On tope of that, I might spend 30-40min in one mission to get only 11 essence, while another one that I spent 30 on gave me over 50 (both times with a booster). That disparity may need addressing in Arbitration, especially solo spawn, and my suggestion could be a band aid to cover that. Thankfully they are buffing the gain. If you don't like my suggestion to gain Vitus easier, that's fine, and I'd even agree with you to some extent, but what do you think of my suggestion to add more choices\variety in mission per hour, maybe 2-3? Would you say no to more option on a mode that you seem to have fun with? Also what about having the mods in the rotations AND the shop? This won't really make the value of Vitus to none, since it actually encourages playing while being actively rewarded with Vitus, should your RNG be unlucky with rotations. They did that with Orphix Venom and a lot of people liked it. At the end of the day, I'd be fine with Arbitration in its current state to farm for Galvanized Mods, but I'd rather have them expand the mode by giving us more missions per rotation. Your criticism of my suggestions seem to single out the Vitus gain, but that's not my entire post. Let's compare it to Steel Path. If I'm not doing Incursions, I still have the entire Star Chart ahead of me to get SE. If I do Incursions, I have 5 missions per day that vary from "endless-type" to "rush-type". Getting a small fraction of that QoL through more missions per rotation, while keeping it concise to promote matchmaking, might be more "fun" than "peek and see every hour" (which I'll still be able to do, but may be able to "play" more often than "peek" thanks to having more selections). It will also be better for people who can only play during certain time of day. EDIT: Trimmed down my post from stuff that could be seen as unintentional melo-drama. Sorry if you saw my post before my edits, and may have interpreted that way.
  16. To be fair, at least Impact has both the Parazon thing AND bleed proc mods (Internal Bleeding, Hemorrhage...). Puncture on the other hand...
  17. This. Allow us to grind before tackling Steel Path through Arbitration, but if you're doing well enough, you can grind Steel Essence and get the rest of the mods instead. Please don't lock it behind a separate grind that has MUCH LESS reliable resource gain compared to Steel Essence, and more restrictive options (only one mission type per rotation). EDIT: I wouldn't have mind this decision if Arbitration wasn't in its current state. If it had the same resource philosophy as Steel Path with Incursions and more than one MISSION/FACTION option per rotation (remember Steel Essence can be farmed on literally any mission in the Star Chart), it would be a decent decision. If Arbitration remains unchanged, I believe the mods should be in both shops instead. Heck, you can even make them more costly in SP and MUCH LESS costly in Arbitrations to balance out the current disparity in Essence farm. However, I would prefer an Arbitration revision to bring that in line with SP in terms of fun + consistent essence rewards. EDIT 2: I wrote this on Twitter but here are my new proposed changes, if the mods stay in Arbitration. I would rather see this happen so we can expand on an older, existing content. EDIT 3: Concerning "On-kill" effects. I was wondering if it's possible to please both sides of the party without breaking this function too much. Here's the idea I have: - AoE Weapons = On-Kill only - Single-target weapons = On-Kill + On-Hit with % chance to trigger, double % if lower fire rate. This isn't unprecedented since you've done that with Hemorrhage and Internal Bleeding. EDIT 4: If Vitus Essence drop rate doesn't change, at least give us up to 3 missions per hour for options. I think that alone can help a ton for "fun factor" while keeping matchmaking concise.
  18. People already do that with Melee in its current state. Now you'll have the option to switch around pretty quick. Besides, I thought the idea was to allow us to focus only on one ranged weapon and be benefited from it, rather than "punished" for not using melee (current state), so I think that checks out. Also, I think the intention is to increase burst damage rather than consistent DPS since the stacks last much shorter for these mods, but longer for arcanes. EDIT: ****CONCERNING THE GALVANIZED MODS MOVED TO ARBITRATION**** Rebecca has confirmed on Reddit that the mods are bought from the VITUS ESSENCE SHOP.
  19. DE have spoken of wanting to bring other bosses in line with Liches and how they react to status procs. I believe this should apply to regular enemies who still have status immunities, namely Sentient units (besides Bracholysts). Here's a few suggestions: 1- Make them have zero status immunity, just like Bracholysts. 2- Make them have the same status resistances as Liches (limited stacks and\or altered effects) 3- Make them receive status only after a certain stacks (e.g.: each 5 status stacks count for 1) The latter two is to keep a certain theme of "adaptation" by upping their resistances, without making them immune to the status procs altogether. EDIT: It has finally happened as of patch 30.7.2.!
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