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  1. You know , i've getting banned 1 week for speaking about Cetus people (i wasn't even insult them) , and support only answer me with a generic pasted message saying me it was automatic and if i wasn't unban after that week (or 2 week i've forgot) , i should send another ticket. Ofc i'm unban now , but i'm still angry about that cuz it was a kind joke , and sometime we see NSFW content in tchat and people only receive a kick so yeah , still salty unless i got atleast the reason (and apologize for a possible error from bot but i strongly doubt they care about that tbh).
  2. Yeah you need to move more , even if you did 90% of damage and kill , you can be count as AFK.... :clap:
  3. Thx but as pretty much everyone else i already meet them. Also they have a codex entry (need only 1 scan)
  4. If you speak about guilty feeling , i'll say flux-vauban for spam bounce skill on people sending unwanted squad request.
  5. I'm in a solo cnal and yes i would like to see the cost reduced. But it'l lnever happen since DE can't (or don't want) spend that time for see wich clan have completed the research or not.
  6. You aren't forced to do nightwave as you wasn't forced to do alert. Alerts are gone forever i gues , deal with it , and if you can't , well ,
  7. It's not a problem at all since it help to purge some lazy or brainless players. Some of us call that natural selection.
  8. No. A MR 5 can have a lot more knowledge of* the game and/or skill than some MR27 i know. So it's a very stupid idea.
  9. You can do every quest with any frame. Same for mastery rank test. As we always say in regional tchat , there is NO best frame/weapon , only a good or bad feeling from the player toward frames and weapons.
  10. Can't help without more infos or screen. How do you know it's the "last mission" ? Wich code are talking about ? Did you even ask peoples or check wiki if you didnt do something wrong before say it's a bug ?
  11. You need to unlock them before be able to use it (and also equip them of cours)
  12. Did you link your warframe account to your twitch account? (Fae path was with Two-Factor Authentication so it's not the same thing)
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