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  1. I don't work at Digital Extreme (and I'm not omniscient either) , so i don't know.
  2. Yeah i've the Frost element glyph since they are out but i still have Suda glyph here , i'll try to relog. edit : didnt work , i think they are "too new" for now.
  3. I think after MR30 we'll get something like a legacy system. like maybe a special forma for master every frame and weapon again (evil laugh) , and showed like Mr 30 +12 for example.
  4. Where did i complain ? I just said these kind of duplicate are ignored since they are only "duplicate" and a proof people prefer make a new thread instead of searching an existing one before. But as you want , good luck...
  5. In this case why you didnt up these topic , i think it'll be more "valuable" than create a duplicate.
  6. I like the concept art.
  7. or use that : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=666483447
  8. Yeah , but in a way , i understand. Some Tennos suffered/force themself to play it i think. Maybe they'll change there mind again later.
  9. Update are instant , you just need to update your game. Server are never offline for "maintenance". Welcome
  10. Hum...i've watch a partner yesterday for more than 4hours and today for 2 hours (someone else) and still nothing. Yes my account is linked and yes i've try unlink/link it again.
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