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  1. And why not ? since it's still an issue for some people and since the topic isn't closed. Also if you think 2 months is necromancy , you'll be surprised , i've see some bump after something like 3 years (and it's not the worst).
  2. Hum , me i only stand on the floor , and it's not frequent , it's each time :x
  3. I see , after i'm in the part of players who get archwing before k-drive was added in game so i didn't get this issue.
  4. Or you can just get Archwing ^^ Don't worry thermia event is not unique and is often in game (with same reward).
  5. Ah mais attend il parle du mastery test 25 (j'avais pas capté) , je suis que 24 mais moi je parle de l'archwing de maniere général (en l'occurence dans les plaines de Cetus) , du coup c'est pas un probléme relatif au MR25 specifiquement mais plutot a l'archwing en general visiblement , je vais check si je trouve le topic anglais qui en parle. Edit : le topic anglais Mais ca parle seulement du MR25. Donc oui le MR25 est broken , c'est un fait vue que ca arrive a pas mal de gens visiblement , par contre personne en parle hors MR test , du moins je suis le seul a en parler. Mais bon aprés ca reste le meme bug, du coup je pense que ca vient du jeu et pas de client. Etant donné que je suis streamer , je ferais un clip le prochain coup que ca arriveras , et au pire des cas j'ouvrirais un topic coté anglais en précisant que c'est un cas a pars vue que pas en MR test.
  6. Imo this kind of forum shouldn't count. Also for update my issue (changed my glyphe since 6 month and not updated as i've said above) , it's finally ok since today.
  7. SI tu pouvais donner le lien du sujet anglais ca serais sympa , je pense que notre message auras un peu + d'impact coté anglais que francais.
  8. Salut D20 , je venais ajouter ma pierre a l'édifice en disant qu'il m'est également arriver ce soucis a quelque reprises (j'ai repris le jeu ya 4 jours suite a une pause d'environ 1 mois ou 2) , et depuis ma reprise environ 4 ou 5 fois il m'est arrivé de spawné l'archwing a ras du sol , resultat je monte dessus , mais comme je suis a 1 tier dans le sol ... ba je suis bloquer sur place , forcé d'en descendre , de me déplacer un peu et de recommencer. Ca ne m'étais jamais arriver avant.
  9. Hi , i just take a break of the game (1 or 2 months) so i'm not sure since when we have this issue but after using the fishing spear , it's look like we need to wait something like 3 seconds before be able to move or use the spear again , and it's pretty annoying... Know i've fish for several hours before and i never get this issue. Anyone have this issue or it's just me ?
  10. I don't work at Digital Extreme (and I'm not omniscient either) , so i don't know.
  11. Yeah i've the Frost element glyph since they are out but i still have Suda glyph here , i'll try to relog. edit : didnt work , i think they are "too new" for now.
  12. I think after MR30 we'll get something like a legacy system. like maybe a special forma for master every frame and weapon again (evil laugh) , and showed like Mr 30 +12 for example.
  13. Where did i complain ? I just said these kind of duplicate are ignored since they are only "duplicate" and a proof people prefer make a new thread instead of searching an existing one before. But as you want , good luck...
  14. In this case why you didnt up these topic , i think it'll be more "valuable" than create a duplicate.
  15. Yeah , but in a way , i understand. Some Tennos suffered/force themself to play it i think. Maybe they'll change there mind again later.
  16. Update are instant , you just need to update your game. Server are never offline for "maintenance". Welcome
  17. Hum...i've watch a partner yesterday for more than 4hours and today for 2 hours (someone else) and still nothing. Yes my account is linked and yes i've try unlink/link it again.
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