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  1. The overall update is gud, but I have some problem with the shrinking RJ It feels...small, cramped, and solely efficient and practical The Original RJ is spacious, contains different Quarters for Environmental Storytelling, and feels like an actual Warship the Orokin would go to space battles into And now the Smol RJ is...just that, just the parts used in Gameplay, and nothing else, feeling just like another Crewship Tbh the only problem with the Original is you can't warp clearly to the Forge when you're at the Front Which is already fixed by putting the Tactical Map horizonta
  2. Well I'm here just to propose a Long Term Idea to spice up the game a bit Nerf or Not isn't really the focus here, just to start a convo If nerving the Kuva Weapons can make Stradavar relevant again, then the end justifies my means
  3. It's also about the Dynamics/Flow of the Gameplay Rn Wf is just...steadily hit things till you can't, simple, if not a bit Monotonous overtime What about having a something that stands out in a Group, creating a "Shoot Boss first or clear Mobs first" Scenario And since Eximus are the Elite Enemies that usually blends into the Group, they seems like the perfect candidate for the Change Idk, just my two cents
  4. Rn Warframe plays like Dynasty Warrior, Trash Mobs everywhere and little Enemies that requires dedicated Firepower, idk never played the game And with the Scaling, it's either you can wipe everything or every Terra Crewman can delete you with a Grenade Launcher What if we try the Destiny Model, make Eximus stand out more, have a larger Model and a larger Health Pool, and with a Health Bar on Screen like a Mini Boss ? I suppose it'd spark some more Engagement and not just Explosions/Camp/4/Melee till you can't It's basically Acolytes and Liches, but for Normal Missions, and doesn'
  5. A Mod Tab that shows Weapon Augments like Frames' do
  6. Google Translate " There are various mods for Frames and Weapons, but the Mod builds used by many players will be similar as they are now. So I think you should add items or quests that can increase Capacity and Slots to give everyone more personality. This is also my personal wish. Even if there are Mods with various set effects, they cannot match the builds I have been using so far. Please let various new Mods play an active part with the build so far PS Peculiar Bloom is very interesting and I love it "
  7. Custom Tabs would be a bit much But it'd surely be nice to have Categories without checking the Mod Descriptions Especially since Zaws and Kitguns are a thing
  8. For some reason someone made the genius decision of making Deimos Stuffs to be made with Vallis Materials It makes Open Worlds less of an Island of Grind, but also means we had to grind in 2 Places for 1 Item Rn there's a Resource Farm for 2/3 Open Worlds other than the Bosses, guess where are they ? Plains : Thumpers Vallis : Trivago? Drift : Requiem Towers You want some extra Hesperon ? Go fight a Orb Mother or something, or spend some Plat on Resource Booster and 2 Hours getting stacks of Venerol cuz why not It'd be nice to have some sort of Open Quest for Mineral
  9. Frames already have this function of having UI Colors change with Energy Hopefully the Mechs can follow
  10. 1. 5. That seems to be what DE is going for with the Mech, good Raw Dmg, big Presence, but Clunky and can't be Healed or Replenished 4. I usually just...get back into my Frame whenever the Ophix is gone, since Frames are more Tankier than Op, more Mobile and easier to Sustain than Mechs
  11. The UI of Mechs seems to be Vitruvian Style, aka Plain Transparent Yellow Lines with little Shade differences I find it a lot less accessible than normal Frame UI, especially when it's mainly used in messy Environments, eg Deimos and Sentient/Condrix/Orphix Fields Sentient Fields are the worst matchup for Mech UI cuz everything just blended into Mist of Red and Orange, and your Crosshair just turns on Octocamo and disappears I'm sure there can be some changes to the UI to make it stand out, also less boring
  12. Abilities gone, Transference locked, and if you're lucky you can still shoot or Bullet Jump Only in Death you're really relieved from the problem, aka Self Revive Fixes it This has been here since...idk, when I first stepped into the Plains ? Ever since then this as been an weekly occurrence, and to this day where you'd still get locked in your Mech in Orphix Venom once every 3 runs What caused this to happen ? Surely it's not just the Connection since I'd be long booted back to my Orbiter with a Red Diamond telling me about it Can there be a Command that reboots your "Co
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