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  1. tmbjr2002

    Conclave: MAG Review

    Her passive can be able to pick up energy and health orbs off the ground. She cannot pick ammo packs however.
  2. Conclave QoLs Removal of cheese weapons (Ignis, Simulors, Phantasma, Glaxion, Castanas, Blade-whips, Heavy Melee & Dagger Zaws, etc.). Fixing and reworking certain Warframe abilities (Atlas’ Rumblers petrify duration, cooldown using Equinox’s Metamorphosis, etc.). Markers on the mini-map for: Any Oro of an enemy killed by a player (that player sees that Oro of their killed target), Oro of the player’s last location after death, death-markers for any dead teammates and their Oro, markers for team’s Cephalon at their rest spot as well as a marker on those who have taken a Cephalon (a marker appears every 3.5 seconds on the thief’s last known location). Captura scenes for all Conclave maps. Return of Variant gamemodes and the introduction of new Variants. Ability to get Conclave rewards in Orbiter. Ability to change loadouts while pausing (players will have to die in order to switch). Reduce Electricity proc damage. Hire more people to work on Conclave. 10.Buyable Oro decoration at Teshin. (might not be possible) - Tenno Spectors to shoot at in empty public matches (gains no standing but you would be doing something other than kneeling). (will never be possible) - Acknowledge its existence.
  3. tmbjr2002

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Will any PvP relate stuff be mentioned? Is the Arcata for PvE still being worked on? Will there be more worth-while rewards for Conclave? Will you take a look at Conclave in general?
  4. tmbjr2002

    The Arcata can be "modded"

    Mods can not be placed, and it can not be potato'd or forma'd.
  5. Whenever I go to a match, there'll be an off-chance that a recently new player would show up with only a Skana or an MK-1 Bo in their hands with nothing to shoot back at and it upsets me. Why aren't new player's equipment (Primary and Secondary weapons) in Conclave's arsenal? It's like completing Vor's Prize only to have your Melee weapon equipped the moment you enter another mission.
  6. tmbjr2002

    Coming Soon: Devstream #118!

    Anything planned for Conclave? We need more content for it.
  7. tmbjr2002

    Coming Soon: Devstream #113!

    Will Conclave be given a look to for a major rework rather than small hotfixes? Will there be a better/refined matchmaking for Conclave and will there be custom servers with the server owners own rules? What is your favorite Igorrr album?