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  1. 我英语不太好 I am not very good at English 下面我用的是谷歌翻译 I use Google translation 我希望那个天使翅膀是限时特卖,而不是永久的。 I hope that angel wings are on sale for a limited time, not forever. 因为这个翅膀太廉价了,感觉如同页游一般。不好看,而且不符合科幻题材。 Because this wing is too cheap, it feels like a page tour. It's not good-looking, and it's not science fiction. 再来,我知道腾讯进行了投资。但是我作为中国玩家,我不希望有什么区别对待。那个牛年限定皮肤,我们国际服的中国玩家不需要。 Again, I know Tencent has invested. But as a Chinese player, I don't want to be treated differently. That year of the ox limited skin, our international server players don't ne
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