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  1. Wolfstorm18

    Crashes On Amd Catalyst 14.12 Omega, Update

    Thanks! I had updated the catalyst to 14.4 but it didnt work, then got back to 14.12 because the omega catalyst is more fast at windows start. Now its working, with 14.12.
  2. Wolfstorm18

    Crashes On Amd Catalyst 14.12 Omega, Update

    Im using Catalyst 14.12 and this is what I get: Driver version is 14.501.1003.
  3. Wolfstorm18

    Hotfix 16.2.1

    What about a manic armed with an atterax? This weapon have grineer designs. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Atterax
  4. Wolfstorm18

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Corpus Submissions

    I said he is like a mini-boss, not that he is a mini-boss. This means that he is not as common as a corpus crewman, and only appears at high levels. I also said a pack can be used in some specific mission type (maybe capture mission, with five or six of them protecting the target). This is to bring some meaning to high level missions, not turn it into a bullet-sponge carnage. But like it was said, the devs decide what they will put in the game.
  5. Wolfstorm18

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Corpus Submissions

    Name Suggestion: Perseus Operative. Behaviour: combat unity using a exoskeleton and a new Corpus high precision rifle (not sniper, but with high critical and status chance). A variation can use a high precision pistol as weapon. Also uses a combat knife for melee. Colored in gray and blue. He can use a voice acting similar to the from the game Perseus Mandate (from where I got this name). Attacks: he have four different tactical gadgets. First is the nanite bomb: this gadget deploys a smoke bomb with nanites. Tenno who pass in the cloud have their energy and shields drained. The smoke is blue and with small sparks inside. The second is the electrical trap: this trap is throwed in the ground and paralyses Tenno who passes over it. The effect last for 6 seconds, and each 2 seconds it do electrical damage to the Tenno imprisoned in it. The trap can be destroyed by another Tenno or a explosion. The third is the holographic decoy: the decoy is similar to himself, so that it can lure players into shooting at it, and have a duration time. The fourth is the medical kit: it heals all Corpus around the operative (but not the robots). He have a lot of armor, and uses the same shield of the Corpus tech. You have to bypass both shield and armor to be able to kill him. Enviromental Restrictions: he's like a mini-boss, and appear at level 30+ missions. A pack of them can be used in some specific mission in a new Corpus tileset. Art Reference: http://www.kollected.com/Exoskeleton http://hqwide.com/wallpapers/l/1680x1050/60/futuristic_armor_bodysuits_artwork_exoskeleton_1680x1050_59472.jpg
  6. Wolfstorm18

    Enemies Of The Tenno: Infested Submissions

    Name Suggestion: Pathogenic Horror Behaviour: this four-arm monster dont have eyes, and have a big mouth full of razors in place of teeth. He can kill the players in stealth mode, jumping from the shadows, where he stays hidden. The player killed in this way should use a revive. His presence can be identified by a red bubbling liquid in the floor and walls near his hidding location. He cant be located by radar mods, but a consumable can be deployed tracing his exact location showing where he is. Attacks: he have a shotgun attached to his right low arm (shooting blasts which do viral damage), and a pistol attached to his left low arm (shooting darts which do corrosive damage). These weapons should be really mixed in his skin, and they can have the current designs of the Phage (without its six arms) and the Tysis. Its other two arms (right high and left high arms) have big claws (Wolverine size) for melee attack, doing slash and poison damage. The middle of his torax have a deep vertical cut showing his entrails. He have the size of an ancient, and moves fast. Once discovered he will attack, using his Phage-like shotgun at the same time with the Tysis-like pistol, shooting blasts at near players and darts at far players. When the player is close enough, he uses his claws. He can release a black gas which do radiation damage in an area around him, through his entrails in the torax, and he can also do a stomp in the ground like Rhino do, using his feet. These last two (black gas and stomp) are powers which uses energy. He roars while fighting, and is very strong. Environment restrictions: any infested ship with level 30+ enemies. He's not a boss, and two or more can appear at the same mission.
  7. Wolfstorm18

    Hotfix 13.1.2

    Thanks for the fix on the melee, DE. I liked very much. Its working wonderfully now. I've set the left mouse button for melee, the middle for block, and the right for channeling. Its very addictive. Also if you time the block correctly, you can avoid being throw to the ground by ancients. I also noticed argon crystals are dropping more in the Void now. Got 4 from a T3 defense right now.
  8. Wolfstorm18

    Pc Event: Tethra's Doom

    If I receive the double affinity reward and have already a affinity booster will I get quad affinity for three days?
  9. Wolfstorm18

    Pc Event: Tethra's Doom

    I got 703 in just one run. Liked the shipyard, very big. I hope it become the new map for Sedna.
  10. Wolfstorm18

    The Gradivus Dilemma Has Ended, Tenno

    The issue here is that we, players, didnt lose the event. Those who lose were the Corpus, not the Tenno. We just acted as mercenaries. Still there are trolls saying that we have lose the event, like there was a competition. They are laughing at us in region chat, calling us "losers", like we were Corpus crewmen, not Tenno warriors. Solution is one and only one: put the Sacrifice badge and requires it for Void missions. Start the alienation right now. Lets have lots of grieving, if that is what the score-obsessed trolls want. I already put two players on ignore list, something I never did before.
  11. Wolfstorm18

    Gradivus Dilemma: Nodes Compromised

    Rebecca, is the server secure? Right now I joined a battle for the Corpus at Ultor where I started at the Grineer ship and ended at the Corpus ship. Also the Corpus containers where in Grineer ship and vice-versa. Another player said to me its the map that is like that. Is that right?
  12. Wolfstorm18

    The Orokin Vaults Have Emerged!

    https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/118255-constant-crashes-after-equipping-new-keys/ https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/118053-anyone-else-crashing-at-orokin-derelicts/ https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/118256-so-whats-with-all-the-crashes/
  13. Wolfstorm18

    Coming Soon: The Orokin Vaults

    And DE, please, we want more elemental mods: poison damage and shield damage.
  14. Wolfstorm18

    Coming Soon: The Orokin Vaults

    I dont see a problem in having to team-up with some pug and go exploring the vaults. If I want to play solo I play games for single player. I agree that Warframe is addictive, but without some pugs running randomly what fun there is?
  15. Wolfstorm18

    Coming Soon: The Orokin Vaults

    Corrupted mods = downgrade mods. We were asking for downgrades for some time. For example: a mod that reduces clip size but decrease reload times. This can be useful for a Vulkar with Charged Chamber equipped. Or a warframe mod that increases critical chances on all weapons, while decreasing health. That's a nice addition and will open more tactical options. I just hope it comes with new tilesets.