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  1. Hayzemet

    The Sacrifice: Update 23.1.0: TennoGen Round 13

    I want to be able to use voidkey helmet on umbra, please at least tell us "no you can't" but don't keep us in the dark
  2. Hayzemet

    Coming Soon: Spoiler-Heavy Devstream #83!

    Do you believe that now that the team has more experience with cinematic quests, and that the story has been better "settled", you will be doing more of this quests and faster, or do you believe they will always be this time consuming? Also, riven mods, did you took in consideration damage 3.0 when adding them? Or is damage 3.0 a dream now? Or to you they are not related.
  3. Hayzemet

    [PC Status Thread] Update 19: The War Within.

    No status update? Come on keep the communication flowing
  4. It seems like a shady move and a cryptic message, i hope im wrong, but DE, they are great at concealing information. Really wow, tell the guys you know that it would be easier just to buy the mods they want.
  5. Nice try DE, nice try, but this message is dark news, nothing is really explained, but it seems you wont be adjusting prices but ducat costs of items, and this will only en up in relic turbo burning. Also no one will buy mod packs, that is one of the most "hilarious" decisions I've seen.
  6. Hayzemet

    Update: Specters of the Rail

    So @[DE]Drew now that the starchart is reset, can we repeat them quests???? :DDD
  7. Hayzemet

    Soon: Prime Vault Unsealed! (June 28)

    OHHHHH COME THE .... on DE, what the hell are you thinking I will only get this because its my birthday present for myself. But wouldn't you rather keep all of your vets happy i mean offer the same price but instead of the weapons add the sugatra it needs to have and some at least 30 day boosters or sumthin
  8. Hayzemet

    PC Hotfix Deploy Plans & More!

    Vault soon, how soon cmoen :DDDD
  9. Hayzemet

    Coming Soon: Devstream #76

    Seriously DE, will you ever fix Reflex Guard, its basically an autostun mod now
  10. Hayzemet

    Favens Doodlebox. Limbo WIP.

    Ohh god one more for excalibur :D
  11. Hayzemet

    Partnership Announcement (Further Updates)

    evidence is not required, he is not saying "it will forcefuly happen" he is saying that it is plausible. This is the end...
  12. Hayzemet

    Partnership Announcement (Further Updates)

    Well everyone has a price I guess, I really hope these are good news. I do not believe so, but DE are gr8 they wouldn't sale their souls, we'll see the results... a matter of time.
  13. Hayzemet

    Is The Grind In Warframe Killing The Game?

    I would usually say - no it isn't- because currently i guess that Nezah's parts wont be as expensive on the trade chat and so on, 2 weeks should be the maximum amount of time required to get all of Nezah's parts, by playing sorties only. By trading it should be less, but we all know there is always that one part that is much more rare, we'll see. Anyway as I was saying, I really do not care about grind, because I grind enough irl, so I just do not have time to play to get, so I pay for it and it didn't bother me until yesterday (nezah, skin bundle, focus changes etc...). Its seems like they are worsening it on purpose sigh... they really must have a horrible marketing team, or they are just getting too greedy, and I really hope they wake up before its too late.