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  1. Lol I’m not saying it should stay, it shouldn’t but I’ll be ok if it’s not nerfed/removed .
  2. I can live with telos boltace but staticor needs to go, as nice as it is in PVE it’s just completely broken in conclave. And it’s allowing particular toxic players to spam *cough* Kantus. It’s True conclave isn’t that popular but why even have the game mode if DE are going to completely ignore it? Battacor, nagantaka etc have been around for a while but not in PVP. How hard is that to balance? DE need to either balance the mode or just remove, better dead than alive at this rate. But as ribbium said, it’s a fun mode; DE just need to pull the finger out, it’s not hard. Nuke staticor and Simulor; nezha needs a fat YEET too. Synergises way too well with telos boltace and the fourth ability reminds me of fist of panic days in destiny.
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