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  1. now since update 25.2, it happens when i open navigation; can't even load into a mission. DE, i paid for a baro tennocon ticket, and i really, really hope i don't miss him or the ducat grind because of this.
  2. it's been freezing to the point of being unplayable since update 25 and they still won't address it. i'm trying to work on nightwave right now but can't get through one single mission
  3. cool. the game is still unplayable due to freezes. i guess that's going the way of operator fashion?
  4. are you guys working on fixes for the game freezing happening in the orbiter or the prisma energy effects on kubrow armor not being there?
  5. It started happening to me the very second I got the nyx deluxe bundle yesterday. immediate crash and now i can't hardly even move around the orbiter without getting frozen. it seems to happen with the most consistency when i log in and try to go to the orbiter's lower deck
  6. The game has either been freezing the screen or crashing my computer entirely after this last mainline, so I changed my custom GFX settings to low. After that, my Vitus Illumina disappeared and turning GPU particles back up to ludicrous does nothing. It's not even in my inventory.
  7. the second i purchased the nyx deluxe bundle, my entire computer crashed and volunteered to restart itself. now every time i log back into the game, it freezes permanently edit: it appears it's just working with nyx or her deluxe items that causes the freeze. playing around with my other frames in the arsenal has not caused it
  8. can we get dual energy colors in mag's helmets?
  9. that's a lovely pose you've got wisp doing <3
  10. thanks. so uh while y'all are feeling bad about letting bugs go on for too long, can we get some operator fashion fixes before the new war?
  11. good to see operator fashion is still not on the agenda
  12. Please let us know if you ever intend on fixing the old operator fashions.
  13. people wouldn't be using the abilities if the tranq rifle were 'tried and true' lol
  14. fair enough. it's just so mind boggling that any game would let this stand, like i've only been around for a year and thought most of DE's critics were just being dramatic
  15. you should. since they've now put out horribly textured hair, someone has to call them out before they get even more complacent in allowing low quality output
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