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  1. i'm sure you guys are tired of hearing about this ephemera by now, and if this is intended, i'm happy enough with it after the welcome accent color change. it's the most beautiful one yet and i love that it has an energy trail on your arms that are brighter when you sprint! however, after i noticed a visual bug, i miss what else it looks like it could be: my reddit post with video this is replicated by equipping Baurahn, standing still in the arsenal without opening it until the bigger dragons form around you, then switching to a frame with a different ephemera
  2. i was just noticing this on excalibur zato's orb belt because i happened to see liger's original concept art again the other day. they were supposed to be made of beautiful crystal with obvious weightiness but in game, they look like hollow, plastic toys...and it's even more annoying that the sugatra it came with has the right texture but they couldn't be bothered to use it on the belt
  3. seconded on making the spines tintable with attachment's accents. this doesn't look right: it doesn't make sense for a metallic texture to be used in energy, especially when someone's already invested forma and expects the dragons themselves to have the two colors (also please fix the new armor's shoulder placements on nezha's deluxe skin. i'd really love to buy this accessories pack..)
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