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  1. of course, criticism is the first step towards no results, but we're feeling almost insulted, as other Frames had great reworks, and some of them *cough* Saryn *cough* not even needed one, while Vauban has been left in the old 2.0 system/parkour/game in general, with no changes until now
  2. Man, please, Vauban question isn't any new, it has been years since us Vauban users requested a rework, and after all, given what we received, it's normal that we're angry. Go and check the feedback forum sections about Vauban recent changes, and you will see that there's plenty of expert Vauban users that are giving their opinion and suggestions so DE can understand what and why doesn't work with him.
  3. I would say, given Vauban nature, to make the ability multiple type of turret. Let me explain You cycle trough 4 types of turrets, and you can set 2 with the maxed ability. Give them same debuff/power option as minelayer, and you have 2 tactical auto turrets on the field that scales with Power strenght and other stats and help you to stay alive and to feel like a military engineer, that is Vauban's role
  4. Your 4 is a major point instead; he can't survive AT ALL, he's no Limbo that can disappear into Rift, he's no Mirage that can make enemies to shoot at her dopplegangers. He's just a frame that needs a way to survive Also, I agree with all your previous points
  5. My disappointing is intensifying as time pass; you literally found a way to make a frame worst than it was. Vauban NEEDS a rework, not some tweaks, which by the way are just terrible, as we Vauban users are pointing out in the feedback forum section
  6. YES that's the kind of stuff DE is supposed to do and that we expect!
  7. I'm honestly extremely disappointed by those changes. Nothing about minelayer, nothing about giving him at least slight more armor, and extreme charge time for a Tesla that does slightly more damage. Honestly, I expected way more from you, and as a Vauban player, I'm very disappointed. Given the long charge time, it would have made more sense to make, just for example, Vauban casting 3 grenades, half the size of a regular Tesla, with half the range, half the duration but double the power and wirh the element proc, because normal Tesla don't proc electricity, their status chance is almost nonexistent. That said, I really hope you will rethink at him, and at those "tweaks". Tweaking Vauban isn't impossible, he is an already difficult frame to obtain, and even the prime counterpart is a challenge to build, he can't be "an overpowered frame easy to get", so please, please, please make him more suited for the new gameplay, he's overall too much static even for people like me that choose to use it in every situation as a kind of 'Batman frame'. You have done a wonderful work with other frames like Zephyr, so why do you hate Vauban so hard?
  8. totally agree, I prefer her old version
  9. I would like to have some other Dojo options, to be honest; decorations are great, but I still feel Dojo not that useful aside for trading. Not even the new obstacle course has given our clan reasons to spend more time in. As I said also in a topic I've made, I would like to have the possibility to delete clan halls at will as any other nodes; I feel the requirement hall system overall outdated
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