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  1. Except, it does. And that's the definition of being a host in a squad lol.
  2. Higher. Iirc, they were around 160 at 10k ish points. As for topic, I've read that Tigris Prime with radiation does wonders but I haven't tested on 10k+ points endurance simply because my mental health couldn't take it anymore.
  3. Just so clarify, you don't have to do it together in the same run. You can do it separatedly as long as your personal scores add 20k in the end, so 10k each of you. 10k is doable but if I were you, I'd talk to more people in your clan to have at least a full squad and do a 5k points run, which is fast and easy, and that would get you the gold trophy, it's just more efficient.
  4. Your clan has to reach 20k points. You got 5k (for now?), so you need other members to get the remaining 15k points. So let's say your clan has 4 players including you, then you'd just need 5k points each and you'd be done, or one player getting 10k and other players filling the remaining 10k. It's based on personal score so you can change your 5k contribution as long as you get higher than that in a single run. It's a bit lame if you're alone in a clan, because getting 20k points in a single run insetad of splitting 5k easily doable points into 4 in a single run seems insane considering how tanky those things get and almost immune to cc. It would take minimum 40 rounds, so a few hours, assuming you don't fail any terminal.
  5. No, it's not intentional. Some poeple in the squad get it, some don't. Even if it doesn't fail.
  6. Lol I'm alone in my clan and tried to get to 20k, but around 10k points it's just pointless (ha!), not worth going insane for. I got the teracotta trophy, guess that'll do lol.
  7. Not every piece of content is made for everyone, because it's impossible to please everyone. I personally don't care about competition but don't mind at all if they introduce a competitive operation again, let people have fun. You can play it like me, ignoring the competition and still enjoy it at your own pace ignoring the clan competition and just get your weapon reward (assuming it's a weapon), just like I did with Ambulas Reborn. I actually completed that one alone in a 4 people clan in which I was the only one getting Ambulas kills (and I joined the game during the Operation, so my loadouts were... just crap). I got the Supra Vandal and that's it, you don't need to stress yourself about it, nor ruin everyone else's fun. If you miss the rewards, they will come back anyway someday.
  8. Are you a veteran yourself? I'm gonna go ahead and assume you consider yourself to be one since you're mentioning it, otherwise nevermind this post. If so, you should know by now that enemy scaling/level (higher level content) does not equal to difficulty. To do so, they would have to change the entire game mechanics and warframes, because at certain levesl, which is not even high, enemies can start 1-shoting you and it all comes down to stopping the enemy before the enemy stops you, which can be easily done with frame mechanics of cheesing any enemy level, up the point you get tired of it after spending hours in a mission, and not because it's difficult. In terms of 'changing the game mechanics', you could say they're kinda working towards that with the new endless mode. It's like a better optimized version of defense/mobile defense and they're letting the players pick the pace of progression, efficiency for rewards and more paying attention to what you're doing with those new console 1shot threats instead of just afk cheesing mindlessly.
  9. If anything, earning plat is easier than ever for new players now that you can start earning primes early in the game with Lith relics. Not even selling prime sets or big parts that require more specific farm, but simply selling random prime "junk". People will always be buying those as long as Baro exists in bulks of 6 now, that's 12~15 plat per trade with just a few mins/hours of farming relics. Formas, Potatos and slots are 20 platinum each, thats a couple of prime junk trades, easily farmable. Then it just snowballs as you get more comfortable with the game, and you can pick bigger sales like primed mods, syndicate weapons/mods, ayatans and investing in mod transmutation.
  10. Catch-up feedback: Good. That's actually what I suggested in one of the threads and I'm glad it's coming, but the implementation is a bit concerning. You're making it so they appear after you complete all your current weekly acts, but what if there's one you can't complete? be it by newer players or "pc specs". I know, I know the pc specs part is not DE's problem but here's the thing. If a player can't handle Profit Taker fight in the Vallis for example, they could opt to skip that one and wait for a new reset because you only needed 60% of acts to reach max rank or so, but with that new catch up mechanic that option is gone. Also, in addition to missed acts being accesible, what about giving every act an optional bonus? Say you got for example a "Complete 3 Spy Missions" act for like 3.000 standing, then it would have a bonus challenge for not triggering any alarms or being detected for an extra 500~1.000 standing (numbers are just examples).
  11. Why is there so much Rhino Umbral talk everywhere. I don't recall them ever announcing nor hinting it, did I miss anything?
  12. I'm just curious why you think using a forma countles times (that don't necessarily go to youtube) for personal reasons is in any way different than just using a specific amount for the "goal of making them better". After all, you spend the same time/plat adquiring forma and re-releveling whatever you used it on regardless of reason you used your forma for. As for dojos, you can right click a name in the clan list tab and view contributions. And for crafting requirements you just have to check a list of blueprints requiring forma and check which one you actually have. It's nowhere near impossible to know. You scrolled down and counted and added every item that had forma, so that surely would not be a problem.
  13. > "Not counting stupid things like forma'ing Vauban 100 times for no reason, or the MK1-Braton countless times because "reasons"." > "But legit formas on personal stuff." So which one is it? weird e-peen thread. What's the difference between "legit personal stuff" and "stupid things like 100 formas on a single frame cause reasons"? it's not like using 100 forma on a single frame for fun takes any less or more time than 100 formas among different warframes. It takes the same item (and amount) and time to do both. Explain please.
  14. Even though we can't really help you with your account stuff, forgive my ignorance as I'm not a console player but I don't think deleting anything related to the game in your console would help, because it's an online game, they have their own database for your account's content info. If you were a PC player you could get around this by creating a new account to start from 0, but if I remember correctly your console account is linked to your PS network account and you might not be able to make a new one. When you contact supprt, you might want to try to ask them if it would be possible to reset your account (note I'm not sure if they even do this), but from personal experience with them in past, support usually can get around this so it's worth a shot, doesn't hurt to try.
  15. I would argue Everest with a Limbo or two is better to constantly farm liths, because after all the loading screens it would end adding up so much more time, plus you save yourself from the headache inducing AW controls and get to farm extra mats or passively leveling stuff.
  16. Asking for the best looking glyph on thousand of players having different tastes and opinion, this is gonna end well. :^)
  17. I see where you're going with that, but no. Daily login system rewards for milestones do not change, you eventually get there, be it 1 year or 5, whatever your own pace is, and they don't bring gameplay content other than the mechanics of certain weapons, which are just another weapon, it doesn't add more things to do unlike Nightwave. They even reworked it so you can get the lastest additions faster by your own choices on certain milestones.
  18. Not everyone has the same amount of time to play. I personally have a lot of time, I just happened to have personal stuff to deal with and after doing the count, making it to 30 was not possible. I'm ok with this, as I already explained in another thread, specially since rewards will eventually come back as DE said (how is still unknown). But it still changes the perspective of the game, making it into a chore you need to constantly pay attention to, for no reason, instead of the awesome fun game it has been for years at your own pace. Here's a solution to still make it a time-progressing system and keeping it fair: Instead of making it a temporary season thing, make it a full playable act at any time, with ranks unlocking as time passes so players can't rush it (nor miss it), and stacking the weeks of progression so if, for example, a new player joins the game now, they're able to complete all the acts up until the point the "season" and everyone else is at. And instead of making it a season in and out thing, simply add new season while having Wolf of Saturn Six available at any time. In a recent interview they talked how they constantly want to bring old events back because new players are missing on them and the lore they bring, but at the same time added this seasonal system, and it seems contradictory. The Nightwave system is really good in my opinion, way better than alerts, it's the timed part of it that I can't grasp.
  19. I'm not a returning veteran but still I missed it due to personal stuff. Now it feels llike you have to log in everyday or you're "behind", and treat the game like a chore.
  20. Her 4th is like that because of recent "meta". They even talked about it on stream. Do they want yet another full dps frame? full cc frame that they're trying to rework? Wisp is an okay ish support, cc and dps frame all in one, but master of none. That's fine. Not every warframe has to be have a full usueful kit in every single type of mission, that's why there is variety. She's gonna shine in less mobile modes, just like certain defensive frames, and that's not a bad thing at all, she's still gonna be viable on other mission types, just not as much as other frames focused for those. The part I agree is, her 4th doesn't thematically fit her, the whole sun thing.
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