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  1. It's the first thing you should do - you will see where to find all mods and all the weaknesses of the enemies. To look it up in Wikia each time, isn't nearly as comfortable.
  2. By far not the only thing. But as Warframe tend to consist of 90% farming and 10% playing for fun and challenge, you have to divide these two. Those 90% are usually spent with Carriers. As Kartumterek mentioned - the left 10% qualify more likely all others but him.
  3. I can't agree with your experience on that^^. Me and most in my clan and friends, who I usually play with, use all frames depending on tactics. Same is for Sentinels - used Shade and Wyrm a lot. However I used Helios, too, when I needed to scan some new enemies, but since the codex is full he waits in the corner. The only one that I haven't used for a long time is Cube - well course I expect my equipment to have an effect and not damage - the damage will be dealt by the my weapons alone. The question about Sentinel VS Kubrow is an other one - Wiki shows you the comparison:
  4. That's not how Warframe works^^ - everything has a proper use. Every Warframe and every Sentinel or Kubrow needs a right of existence and it serves a unique objective.
  5. I would like to see a revive sentinel :D - that could e.g. revive you once a mission or revive downed teammates when standing near to them, while you shoot the enemies :)
  6. Actually I feel like there was a stealth-patch for the normal pickup-range. When running without a carrier you don't have to be that precise near the drops any more.
  7. No FPS mode planed so far. Way too much work for a relatively small Dev-Team.
  8. I would be even ok with 8-10 shots for the explosives. I can't see any ammo problems ether there.
  9. Completely agree with the changes, except the Torid. It needs about 40-50 Ammo. Would even hope to buff the Snipers a little bit more: Even if some players will see it a bit "too easy", I would suggest to release a slow-down mod exclusively for snipers. Like we have a special Thunderbolt mod on bows, it will grant snipers an extra ability to handle groups of enemies. Using this mod, the enemies will get a huge slow down for e.g. 3 sec, when aiming at them trough the sniper rifle (this will solve the panic no-scoping on some spots). Maxing this mod will bring a higher angle of
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