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  1. Agree on all accounts with baoyouming. It happens to me sooo often that I kill a larvling just out of pure automation without having any chance of checking the weapon or having a decision. What do you expect after dozens of missions with downing thralls?! This reflex can’t be just switched off. For me, the recent changes didn’t help a bit when it comes to getting the weapons I need and it is really frustrating, so that I will just abandon the whole system again after giving it a second chance. It is just ridiculous that Warframe does not save most of the really meaningful stats of a round when the game happens to crash - BUT it perfectly and instantly saves a **** downed larvling and generates the Lich instantly without even a simple option to ragequit. Seriously. The system is broken so give at least some room for the player to correct it themselves. I would be already happy if they start generating lichs AFTER the successful finish of the mission.
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