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  1. They said it was going to eventually come back almost 7 years ago. You folks had all that time to get all curled-up-and-cozy with that fact. Instead, you hiked up the price and only made it that much more painful for yourselves when it eventually did return.
  2. I definitely did not regret my decision to watch it for once, as I usually don't watch Prime Time. I know devstreams are supposed to be the place where you folks show off new content or give us updates on some of the older in-progress stuff, but I would not mind it if Prime Time showed in-dev content like this more often.
  3. Just when I thought I was finally done waiting for melee 3.0. I know you probably say this for the sake of building hype, but some of the more cynical members of the community can easily take this as "Empyrean won't make it in time to claim that title".
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