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  1. Last I checked, “capture the commander” is a capture mission.
  2. You sure you weren’t just getting shot to death, forcing you to return to your frame?
  3. Interception rewards are on a repeating AABC rotation. Axi A6 drops on rotation C. This means your 7 rounds of Xini only hit the C rotation once. So you essentially rolled the 14% chance for Axi A6 a single time and didn’t get it. Shocker.
  4. Seeing as how people can hop into profit-taker round 4 and get carried through it in 5 minutes for 125k credits (250k if a Chroma buffs), I fail to see how the credit requirements for the quest are a serious issue. Especially if they return the credits later. Since when is grinding a warframe out over multiple missions “fun”, anyway? If you want to have fun, do a different in-game activity you enjoy. The only person who can force you to not have fun is yourself. If you’re the first person replying in a thread, you do not need to quote the giant wall of text from the OP. It’s safe to assume that people will know who you’re talking to. At the very least, do an empty quote like I’m doing; nobody needs a copy of the entire OP directly underneath the OP.
  5. Warframe support, as always. After which you get to wait days for them to respond with a high likelihood of “sorry, can’t help you” since it’s a twitch drop. Alternatively, go spend 50 minutes during a night cycle doing a 3x3 and get 12 of the item.
  6. Turn off bloom, depth of field, glare, film grain, and motion blur for better visual clarity. Turn down particle settings if you want less “sparkly effects”. Mess with color correction, contrast, and brightness if you want to fix that “red tint”.
  7. It's just somebody being silly. Do it back if you're feeling silly yourself.
  8. Is this what qualifies as a joke, now?
  9. I personally use the Propa Scaffold with Virtuos Shadow and Madurai on Harrow. If the lyst is about to scream, I use Covenant. When the lyst is standing up after screaming, I’m dashing into its head to activate Virtuos Shadow. When the lyst gets its shield back, I’m spending a VS charge trying to get a crit. When the lyst’s last limb is broke, I’m dumping remaining VS charges to start a fresh stack, and doing nothing but charging until the next lyst unless I need to dash into some vomvs to fill lures or use archwing to get to the shrine. Any other time, I’m charging Void Strike as much as possible and letting the team break limbs. The goal is to have enough VS charge to one-shot the shield with a crit. With an x77 amp and Virtuos Shadow, you’ll crit 3/4ths of the time. With 8 charges, you’ll have enough for breaking all shields assuming you only get a couple duds.
  10. Most people use the liset. Either to immediately lift the lockdown the Stalker activates if the person being attacked by him is on the other side of the map, or to pause the timer for several seconds when somebody screws up in a spy mission.
  11. But why? You can already press your melee key while the glaive is in flight to create an explosion. Nobody is going to want to shoot a glaive to make it explode when they can just press the melee key again to create a slash-proc explosion with glaive prime.
  12. Simaris sells a generic companion riven mod that, on acquisition, chooses a random sentinel weapon and becomes a companion riven of that type. Unveiling the riven will then reveal it to be that previously-chosen weapon. For example, I have gotten 2 companion pistol rivens from Simaris. Both unveiled to be the only pistol type weapon, the burst laser.
  13. Not much else you can do besides forma again to max those two mods, but that’s only a small increase. Obviously you could switch to a different element if fighting, say, infested. Radiation can be decent versus them since the status effect cripples ancient auras, but the large decrease to status duration along with the rather significant radiation resist for many of their units (mainly ancients) will decrease your output. Gas has some issues versus ancients, as well, so if you’re insistent on using PHC, you’re pretty much forced to use blast (which is decent versus infested anyway, as it has +50% versus fossilized).
  14. It’s more than 2 per day if people are running invasions. More people doing invasions = invasions finish faster = more invasions pop up. I believe we had around 4-5 within the few hours after update release. You have a full two weeks to do this, after which the boss becomes a permanent addition to Eris. The parts are equal drop chance. You can usually find someone in trade chat willing to trade part-for-part. This means you would really only need to run this 4 times, which would be only two days if you truly were limited to two codes a day. This has also generated a temporary but accessible plat source for newer players, as people are also paying plat for parts they need.
  15. I’d lurk the players-helping-players forum, trawl through the official subreddit for original content/good discussions, or join a Warframe-related discord server.
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