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  1. Nitresco

    The War Within: Hotfix 19.2.1

    Can I leave the mission yet? We never got the go-ahead. Edit: Nevermind.
  2. Pray for no broken hands this time, buyers.
  3. Nitresco

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    Thanks for the fix. My relics are looking a lot more like what they should be.
  4. Nitresco

    Update: Void Key to Relic Script

    I was originally under the impression that we had lost keys in the conversion. While I'm glad that we technically didn't lose any, it's still a bit wrong that many of us ended up with no keys for 8 types and an inflated amount in all the others. I also understand that there's probably some people who don't mind the mistake and don't desire keys of the omitted types. For this reason, it would probably be a wise choice to implement a sort of opt-in conversion for affected users. People who choose to opt-in would have their current relics converted into keys and then back to relics (properly this time). I wouldn't suggest using pre-update keys for this conversion, as people could easily abuse it by using all of their relics before opting in. Doing it from current inventories would also allow affected users to keep the 40 relics they acquired as compensation, as they would contribute towards the conversion assuming they haven't been used yet.
  5. Nitresco

    PSA: Void Key to Relic Repair Script

    Who is ready for Nekros/Tigris/Galatine Prime to come out and end up with most of the parts on the very relics we only got 5 of? Because I'm sure not.
  6. Nitresco

    PSA: Void Key to Relic Repair Script

    Wow, gee, thanks. A five key compensation for the tens or hundreds I would've gotten just because I decided to hop on early and help test a buggy mess. I feel so appreciated.
  7. Nitresco

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 4

    Wow! Now the 2% drop chance feels like a 4% drop chance! I don't know why I expected Kavats to arrive without a stupid amount of grind associated with them even after a couple "fixes". We already have to deal with the pain of getting a couple measly kavats to spawn in a mission. Why do we need such a low chance of getting what we need from them?
  8. Nitresco

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    See my edit.
  9. Nitresco

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    In almost all cases of an unintentional mod being removed from player's inventories, there has been compensation. It's not unreasonable to ask for it considering the track record. There's people, myself included, who had no idea said mod crashed people. All we heard was that there was new stance obtainable from transmutation. Given the possibility of yet another Cannonade scenario, it's not surprising people jumped on it.
  10. Nitresco

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    In the past, transmuting a "clearly unintended mod" did not mean you would lose it. In most scenarios, you were allowed to keep it. I believe one of the Glaive stances functioned incorrectly for a while for the few people that had gotten it, but they still allowed said players to keep it.
  11. Nitresco

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    That's a bit nebulous, but thanks for the reply.
  12. Nitresco

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    DE has let people keep many unreleased mods in the past when they transmuted them. They rarely ever removed them. This is one of the few times they have.
  13. Nitresco

    Hotfix: Lunaro 3

    Am I going to be compensated in any way for this? Or will that 5,000,000 credits I blew on transmutation go to waste?
  14. I really, REALLY hope the damage falloff on Exalted Blade isn't too bad. While Excalibur did get an armor buff with his rework, he's still rather vulnerable in high-level missions since his situational automatic frontal damage mitigation was severely lessened. Being able to maintain distance and eliminate crowds by preemptively cleaving them through walls is pretty much a required strategy in many cases, and this change can potentially make Excalibur even more vulnerable. Keep in mind that Excalibur is not Valkyr. He trades away complete invulnerability for increased range on his attacks. The only reason Valkyr is able to exist close to enemies for extended periods of time is because she's invulnerable. Excalibur does not have that luxury, and must therefore rely heavily on the range of his energy waves to stay alive. I'm not saying that Exalted Blade shouldn't be nerfed. It should be nerfed, but it should be nerfed carefully. Rather than give it heavy damage falloff at longer ranges, why not give it a smaller damage decrease across the board? If you absolutely insist on heavily nerfing the damage at longer ranges, then please consider giving Exalted Blade a higher block value of 90% or something similar to compensate. Also, I really don't think the slide attack of Exalted Blade should get an energy cost. The range already forces Excalibur to get in close and the duration is laughable. If it gets an energy cost, you might as well turn it into an actual Radial Blind. Edit: I'm surprised Excalibur's getting his funbutton nerfed before Ash, by the way. Last I checked, the latter was much more annoying to deal with.
  15. Nitresco

    Devstream #72 Overview.

    Didn't Adam write these before? If so, I'm already missing him.