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  1. New Warframe: https://www.warframe.com/news/the-remote-observer-vol-49
  2. New Warframe: https://www.warframe.com/news/the-remote-observer-vol-49
  3. Yup, I knew that and now I know how many minutes I have for sure to catch this fish. Thanks for your kind feedback.
  4. Of course I knew what was in bait description, but i didn't know how long this cycle was, now I know for sure. There is no need to be rude or arrogant. if this post wasn't interesting for you, you should have just ignored it instead of showing your arrogance.
  5. When you use your bait, you expect the fish to appear in a moment, but with Longwinder it doesn’t work that way. They swim in a cycles. Today, at approximately 8.00 p.m. (E.T.) I started finishing right near Fortuna. The important fact is that at 8.14 p.m. (E.T.) Longwinder disappeared and no matter how many bait you use. It was the time of Supcaddies, hundreds of them, and they owned waters right until 8.34 p.m. (E.T.). At 8.34 Lonwinder appeared once again and of course she wasn’t alone, she was accompanied by Echowinder and Kriller. This company owned waters until 8.41 p.m. (E.T.)., because once again Supcaddy crushed the party and dominated waters next 20 minutes. So, guys, you have 6-7 minutes to catch as many Longwinders as you can, because after that you’ll have to observe Supcaddies the Buzzkillers. Misterious Longwinder
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